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How to get in shape in half the time

How to get in shape in half the time
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Don’t you have time to go to the gym? Surely you won’t be the only one. Lack of time is one of the primary reasons most people don’t exercise. In spite of the many benefits, such as the reduction of burdens or the improvement of the state of mind, the trainings are moved away to a second plane, and substituted by the work of the home. Between preparing the bag of clothes for the gym, the time it takes to go to the gym and the similar training that takes a good time. But if you use the right tactic, you’re more than likely to get efficient training in a short period of time, use the next few tips to get in and out of the gym in forty-five minutes or less.

How to get in shape in half the time

1. Superseries of exercises.

Superseries are one of the oldest tricks, since they really work. By performing 2 consecutive exercises without a restoration period, users can not only achieve a training in a short period of time, but can also increase the number of calories burned. In order to maintain a high intensity and make the most of this kind of exercise, one must alternate between upper and lower body movements. In this way, a muscular group always and at all times is recovering at the pace that another works.

2. Time your restoration periods.

With the countless distractions in the gym, such as TV, friends, mobile phones, it can be quite difficult to focus on the work. Try setting a timer to time the restore time. As a general rule, the vast majority of gym attendees want to limit their rest periods to ninety seconds or less, although times must be adjusted face up or face down depending on the goals set. Once you have determined a convenient resting time, you must adjust to it. When the stopwatch alarm goes off it’s time to get back to work, no more apologies!

3. Keep moving.

A period of rest does not have to represent sitting with arms crossed in a plot of the gymnasium. If you are not training with superseries exercises or with stretching, which are often forgotten aspects in most training routines, they are ideal to include in the rest times. When adding stretches, you should focus on the areas that you have not incorporated into the training performed. To give you an example, if we do a training routine in which the upper body muscle groups are worked on, we should stretch the hamstrings and hip flexors over short periods of time.

How to get in shape in half the time

4. Test high intensity training intervals.

Training intervals have greatly increased their popularity in trainings such as the system, in which users work around the clock for twenty seconds with only ten seconds of rest between sets. While the exercises are shorter than usual, they should not be confused with a walk in the park. By increasing the intensity, we will achieve great improvements in cardiovascular health. To begin with the training intervals, it is advisable to begin by incorporating certain short, more intense gusts throughout a normal cardio session. Increase the pace for about twenty or thirty seconds before lowering the intensity for exactly the same period of time to recover. You must repeat this sequence three or four times and each time you will feel more comfortable at a high intensity.

5. Plan your training before you begin.

Of all the distractions that can occur in a gym after filling a series of exercises, the one that can cause the greatest waste of time is the question of what to do now. Not having planned training can kill efficiency. In order to solve or avoid this problem, it is advisable to plan the training in advance and write it down on a piece of paper. Plan the exercises you will do and the order in which you will do them. If in the training you need some kind of unique equipment, such as a Bosu or TRX belts, try to catch them before time and this way you will not lose time in the transition.

6. Have an emergency plan in case the plot is caught.

In particular, throughout the peak hours after work, the search for a free plot can be quite difficult, particularly in smaller gyms. Instead of waiting for the plot to become free, it is more than advisable to have in psyche an alternative plan for each exercise. For example, if the weight racks are occupied, replace them with squats or dumbbells. The two exercises work exactly the same muscle sets but in a slightly different way. The key is to be active rather than standing or sitting.

How to get in shape in half the time

7. Use as little technology as possible.

While applications and music can be an essential companion when training, they can also be a huge distraction. Instead of carrying a Mobile or a Tablet it is more advisable to carry a simple clock to time the training time of each exercise and at best carry an MP3 without an internet connection. This avoids the temptation of reviewing social networks or surfing the Internet between exercise series. Try to use paper and pencil to plan your training, avoid the technologies.

Training should not take up so much time in this way and we should be really efficient. With the appropriate methods you can get in and out of the gym in record time and this way there will be time to cope with the rest of the work without abandoning to be in shape.

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