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How to get started in cycling to improve fitness

How to get started in cycling to improve fitness
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Yeah, we all know how to ride a bike. We learn when we are little; first with the help of the wheels we begin to throw ourselves into the adventure and, later, when we finally overcome that fear of sustaining the balance, we liberate ourselves. Let’s go more there. We enjoy the landscape, every pedal we give, every second we suffer

, but

How to get started in cycling to improve fitness

not everyone is fortunate enough to live in remote villages, in the mountains, or on plains where cars with more than 2 wheels rarely circulate. Most of us live daily with the chaos of the city, the traffic of cars and buses, the furious pace of people, the burden of the working day

… And


‘s exactly why cycling, more than ever, is a liberation. In addition to this, its countless benefits do not cease to add reasoning in favour in a list in which, practically, the cons do not exist. So why not get on the bike and release body and psyche


Cycling can significantly assist in losing weight, strengthen muscles and, why not, clear the psyche and release overloads of stress and negative energy. Obviously, you could also achieve good results by wearing your Mayas and riding the elliptical gymnasium in your district. But if you’re really proposing to do a serious exercise with important benefits, pedal hard and explore new territories

, get


The right bike for you is not this or that model and brand in particular. It could be your old bike, which has not moved from the storage room of your house in ten years. What matters is that your body is going to make that bike work

. There’s more to climbing the seat of your old bike, a trick you learned maybe in your spinning classes.


inclination of the seat, the height of the handlebars, the distance between the handlebars and the seat.


a bicycle to the right size for the user may require not only time, but also the help of a biomechanical professional. But don’t go that far, you can always and at all times go to someone you know who trains regularly on a bike so that they can wire you up


Maybe you think that making sure you have a convenient and ergonomic bicycle is too much, if you don’t ride at more than thirty km/h. But it’s not like that: you have to worry about this reason. If the bike you use is not suitable for your constitution and physical peculiarities, you will appreciate it quickly in your buttocks, back and knees. And worst of all: you’re going to feel it in the form of discomfort or even pain.


small detail that you can take into consideration that will change the way you feel on your bike is wearing the right clothing: a good ass with a thick, padded chamois can manage the comfort you need to avoid ending up with unpleasant aches and pains after a few hours on the bike. This padded canvas reduces friction and pain, as well as making your saddle more comfortable. If you are one of those who refuses to wear tight shorts, there are also many more extensive and loose options, which also include chamois

. Another

essential piece of your equipment must be the helmet: only the unconscious ride a bike without one! The gloves are also really useful, as they cushion the pressure exerted by the hands on the handlebars, avoiding hardness, falls and also irritations in the hands. In addition to this, the gloves protect us from the cold or blows in the event of a fall, just like the helmet. Lenses are always and in all circumstances useful to protect us from the sun, wind and dust particles that carry the wind and can be very annoying if they get into the eyes.

It is


useful to carry with you a tool kit, such as a spare camera in case of a puncture, a small multifunction tool that includes screwdrivers of different sizes and heads, allen keys, etc

. It is also essential to carry a small inflator or CO2 cartridges, very portable and simple to incorporate. You can carry these tools in a small accessory bag to put under the saddle, a cylinder to put in the bottle cage or in the jersey pocket

. Another

interesting note: most runners who train frequently choose to use clipless pedals that assist in getting the maximum performance out of each pedal we give.

These are

pedals with unique grooves in which the cleats that incorporate the unique footwear of runner are hooked

. if

all this of clipless pedals sounds like Chinese to you, don’t worry! It doesn’t have much of a complication. Learning to use them is easy and it’s going to take a while. However, practice first in the parking lot of your house or in a park or in a little traveled street, until the moment in which you catch the trick of hooking and unhooking the cleats of the pedals, one by one. As soon as you get used to it, you’ll notice a change in the rhythm of your bike: you’ll improve your technique, your manoeuvrability and, eminently, you’ll make more use of the strength you put into your legs. And that’s because wearing regular sneakers means wasting energy on each and every pedal

! Improve

your training on the bikeTraining

on top of a bike means training at a progressive pace. A consistency in pedalling is required, instead of the frequent grinding and resting, grinding and resting of most training in different sports, or in exactly the same gymnasium. But to achieve this kind of training you must leave behind the traffic lights in the center of the city and move to long and narrower roads, where there is hardly any traffic volume. Your local bike shop or those you know who go out to train can advise you on ideal areas and routes for quality training

. on top of

the bike, concentrate on maintaining a balance between pedalling force and cadence (i

How to get started in cycling to improve fitness

the number of times per minute you pedal or, in short, the pedalling speed). Find the pedalling speed that is not so diligent to make you jump from the saddle, but neither demands a hardness in each and every pedal that you will hold only for a few minutes,

you can control the cadence with a cadence counter, which usually come in speedometer of a medium range. This is a small object that you put in the frame and a magnet that goes in one of the cranks of your bike and that, in the same way that the speedometer with its magnet placed in the wheel, counts each turn made

. the standard cadence is eighty or ninety pedals per minute, counting only one leg. If your cadence is approaching sixty per minute, the most likely is that the development (combination between plate and pinion) you choose is too demanding. But if you achieve this standard and pleasant cadence, you will also achieve a perfect cardiovascular training that will not cause damage or injury to the joints

. During

the first training you do, put a purpose of thirty or forty-five minutes. After these first sessions you may feel pain in your quadriceps, buttocks and calves. But don’t be surprised if your neck and shoulders hurt a lot either, since these muscles are responsible for holding your head and the upper wood upright, so they will need some time to strengthen at the same time as your legs. A tip to follow: change the position of your arms and hands (and therefore the inclination of your neck and back) every fifteen minutes to relieve the pressure on your shoulders and neck. And make sure you always and always go with


shoulders relaxed and face down, to avoid bending

.get ready

to try out new sensations of speedOnce

you manage to ride on the roads as if you had always and in all circumstances done so, the nature of bike training lets it roll as much as our busy schedule and physical condition let it. But we warn you that piling up km in the legs increases the likelihood that you start to want this sport and cling impressively to it. So you can start with light sessions of 30 to forty-five minutes a couple of times a week (Monday to Friday), plus an outing over the weekend

. you can increase the speed and endurance of your training progressively and from the first day, without it will damage your health and fitness. It tries to work with fast series, a very efficient way of progressing little by little the power and speed of starting, besides increasing the muscular mass.

Try a series of 30 seconds to five minutes, and rest another five or ten minutes between series. These doses of speed and care mean a very important added value in your training and increase the number of calories burned very significantly


as we increase the speed, we must increase the cadence. When the pedal speed is too fast in comparison with the development we carry, it is the moment to increase the resistance, lowering sprockets or moving to the largest plate. After the series, you can either hold the cadence or repeat the process, depending on how hard you want to train

. There



hard rules for series training. You can simply try to maintain high strength and speed throughout the time you support. Or you can design your own training structure, defining time intervals of 1, two, five minutes (or whatever they are) at maximum power, alternating them with rest and restoration intervals

. Another

way to progress the cardio is to climb hills on a bicycle. In addition to this, crowning a port, no matter how smooth and short, involves a great deal of aerobic work. Combine series and mountain passes along your training during the week is ideal, but the weekend worry more about doing long sessions and spend a greater amount of time on the bike, to increase your endurance and thus prosper your cardiorespiratory capacity


cycling, the rule of alternating days of rest or restoration with days of demanding training are equally valid as in other types of exercises. So make sure you compensate hard training with lighter exercises and days off, so that your body can recover properly


stay motivatedStaying

in shape can be an essential goal, but not always and in all circumstances it’s enough reason to keep training indefinitely. Therefore, planning a path or a bike tour in the morning and arriving at a chosen place to eat, for example, can be a great idea to sustain motivation and change the active training. Or take a long trip that requires multiple stops for picnics and recovery.


of the great thing about cycling is being able to ride with more people. Go to the village club, the district store, or a club, and join a group that comes out on a regular basis and goes approximately at your own pace (they usually divide groups of people who share physical conditions, so don’t worry about that). I’m sure you know a lot of people and new routes


Finally, not every day is radiant. Rain and cold can drive us back. But for this, in seasons when the weather is more unstable, you can complement your bike sessions with indoor training, such as spinning classes or exercises in cardio machines in general.

How to get started in cycling to improve fitness

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