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How to lose weight fast doing pilates

How to lose weight fast doing pilates
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How to lose weight fast doing pilates

In recent times, passive gymnastic exercises have become a trend, training the body and, at the same time, relaxing the psyche. Yoga is a great example of this, and Pilates is even more so, as this sport is completely focused on improving muscle tone and limiting the silhouette.

In this article we are going to discover how to lose weight fast doing Pilates giving you some good tips that will help you achieve the body you want so much. We begin!

Does Pilates lose weight or does it strengthen?

If you have ever wondered if Pilates slims or tones up the answer is yes. In contrast to yoga, Pilates is a training procedure that does have the purpose of strengthening our body. But to do so, it takes the repercussion of yoga and poses a genre of slow exercise where concentration and respect for the body is the primary basis.

But Pilates is an exercise that is designed to prosper our physical condition and, therefore, if done in an unbeatable way can help us lose weight. With this kind of exercise, what is done is an enormous work of the muscles of the body and, consequently, the supersaturated fats are transformed into energy.

How to lose weight fast doing pilates

Pilates exercises to lose weight quickly

Now that you know that Pilates helps you lose weight, now is the time to get to work and discover the best exercises to start you in Pilates and that will help you narrow your body. As you will know, there is an enormous plurality of exercises that can be done in a Pilates class, however, here we have selected the best and most effective in order to lose weight.

Exercise 1 of Pilates

We will begin discovering one of the exercises with which you will be able to lose weight quickly doing Pilates and burn the annoying michelines that pile up in the belly. It is also ideal to start doing Pilates at home on your own. To do that, we’re going to have to continue these steps:

  1. Lie on your back on the mat holding your back straight and your head well supported.
  2. Now, you’re gonna have to fold your legs and direct them to your chest.
  3. Once they’re in that situation, you’re going to have to hold your knees well with your hands and let your back stretch.
  4. In this situation, put your legs together and slowly lift them up to the ceiling. The arms will also have to be stretched face up.

To do this Pilates exercise properly it is essential that you accompany the exercise with deep inhalations and exhalations that will help you oxygenate your cells. Repeat this exercise three times.

Exercise two of Pilates

Now we are going to continue with another of the best exercises that will help you lose weight fast doing Pilates. You’re going to have to follow these guidelines:

How to lose weight fast doing pilates

  1. Sit on the floor and flex your legs.
  2. In this situation, embrace your legs with your arms and you are in a roll situation.
  3. Now, you must begin to move the body, swinging, face forward and face backward. The movement must be very slow so as never to force the body.

With this exercise you can work the abdomen but also the buttocks and legs, so it is complete to lose weight!

Exercise three of Pilates

Now we are going to discover you a good exercise to work the legs in a concise way. For this, you must continue these steps that we give you next:

  1. Lie on your back on a mat and bend your legs to make them parallel. You’re gonna have to put the soles of your feet on the mattress.
  2. Now, you must flex your right leg and bring it as close to the chest as you can.
  3. Then slowly stretch it again
  4. Change your leg and try to do ten repetitions with each of the extremities.

With these exercises you will be able to lose weight fast Pilates. However, you should keep in mind that if you don’t take care of your nutrition and vital habits, you will hardly be able to lose weight. The essential thing is that you continue a healthy nutrition, low in fat and calories and that you make frequent exercise. Only in this way will you achieve the weight you want so much and, above all, feel good with your body.

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