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How to stay fit and not get fat this summer

How to stay fit and not get fat this summer
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The free time, the beach, the refreshments for the heat and the well-known meals in the stall, are the main protagonists in the summer days. In general, diet and physical exercise take a back seat in this season of the year, causing a possible increase in weight or simply a reduction in muscle definition. Is this your case? Are you afraid that summer will take its toll and you lose your rhythm?

How to stay fit and not get fat this summer

To assist you in finding the ideal balance between rest, entertainment and the moments of cult to your body, feelforfit designs for you, the bases to take a summer without excesses and healthy. Now we discover which are the five pillars that will convert your way of meditating, eating and living this summer.

5 Ways to change your thoughts/life

1 – The groceries – Are you what you eat?

Your nutrition must be rich and varied.

  • The basis for doing this is drinking enough water to keep you hydrated all day.
  • Eat seasonal fruit and overflowing vegetables to give you the energy you need for the whole day.

2 – The movement ? Your body molds?

The body is developed for movement and reacts to the stimuli you provide in both positive and negative ways. Therefore, if you stop your body reacts by standing up.

  • Train your strength at least a couple of times a week on circuits that include each and every one of the muscle groups.
  • Stay active by avoiding as much as possible too many hours of rest, go for a walk, practice sports, dance?

3 – Thought/emotion: “You are what you think

  • Think positive. Depending on your thoughts, you project the future and the environment around you.
  • Know your emotions. Acknowledge how you feel.

4 – Spirit: “What makes you human is your inner self

  • Read and also imagine.
  • Practice silence and meditate.
  • Cheer up, love yourself: “Don’t believe the whole world, believe in yourself.

5 – If you don’t respect yourself absolutely nobody is going to do it. If you don’t take care of yourself, you fix and pamper?. If you don’t love yourself, absolutely no one will do it for you.

  • Sleep as long as you need.
  • Feel good about yourself every day.

So far, we have seen the five basic concepts that must be taken into account throughout each and every day, but these points always and in all circumstances are supported by good training and guidelines for a balanced diet.

How to stay fit and not get fat this summer

5 Guidelines for Express Training

  1. All in all: Don’t justify your lack of physical exercise for lack of time. If you have ten minutes, train ten minutes. It’s not time you need, but rather will.
  2. Train your strength by carrying out exercises with sufficiently intense stimuli so that there is an adaptation of the muscle. You will identify sufficient stimuli when from the tenth to the twelfth reiteration you can no longer.
  3. Exercise is the systematic, personalized and purposeful physical exercise that seeks professional advice and persists in its practice.
  4. Train together or do what others like sometimes does not work, identify that you are doing well and if you need something, consider that what will motivate you are going to be the results.
  5. Don’t leave it till tomorrow. Do it now, every day needs your stimulus.

4 Nutrition Tips to Compensate for Excesses

Discover these tricks that will help you stay in shape this summer:

Infusions of teas
Taking infusions of chamomile, hibiscus, lemon party, mint, ginger with lemon and kukicha tea, among many others has abundant benefits. They have antioxidants, assist in lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure. They help to supervise the weight, to smooth the digestion, to facilitate the dream and to alleviate the psyche of the oppression of the daily life.

Increased consumption of green vegetables
Although they are good to consume all year round, I invite you to take an extra contribution throughout the summer months because they are rich in water, they will support you with a younger appearance, lower cholesterol, mineralize bones and give you large doses of energy.


How to stay fit and not get fat this summer

It helps to keep you cool during the summer months, apart from assisting you to do an internal cleaning. Watermelon contains ninety-two percent water, though it tastes very sweet. It’s alkalizing, a blood rejuvenating tonic. Watermelon is a good source of beta-carotene, vitamin C, potassium and silicon. It is antibacterial, antioxidant, anticoagulant, helps digestion, diuretic and a natural laxative. It is ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner when you want to fast.

Eat fast-cooking whole grains
Cereals such as bulgur, couscous, millet, oat flakes and quinoa only need twenty minutes of cooking to prepare an exquisite porridge, salads, hamburgers or accompanied by vegetables sauteed with tofu.

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