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How to train in 20 minutes when we’re in a hotel

How to train in 20 minutes when we’re in a hotel
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Many are fortunate or unlucky enough to have to travel for work, more times than usual in a month or even a week. This usually makes it difficult to continue a regular training routine. In addition to this, many hotels do not have gyms or we simply don’t think we have the time to go down and do an hour of training.

That is why today we are offering each and every one of those who find themselves in this situation an alternative option so that they do not stop exercising despite the lack of time or suitable facilities. With this training we are now proposing, we will be able to train in twenty minutes in the hotel room itself, using the body and furniture of the room, and heating and cooling appropriately.

That it works in a hotel does not mean that it cannot be done in the room of the house, or in many other places, where it also works. But we suggest the hotel, as this is one of the situations in which we are least likely to be able to comply with a training routine. Here we go!

Every time we design a training routine, we think about exercising the whole body: building muscle, burning fat and exercising the heart. These workouts burn more calories than a simple cardio workout, which, by the way, can become as monotonous as it is boring, if we don’t know how to change cardiovascular workouts.

Covers different muscle areas with little exercise

Legs: both the front and back of the legs.

Push: chest, shoulders and triceps

Pul: back, biceps and forearms

Core: abdominal and lower back

This means that we can work almost all muscle sets with only four kinds of exercises. Facilitate and win.

Don’t forget to start with a good warm-up to raise the core temperature and prepare the muscles for the exercise: twenty-five jumping jacks, fifteen squats, ten push-ups, ten strides with each leg, ten hip lifts, twenty-five jumping jacks. Do each and every one of the exercises in turn, so that it takes you about three to four minutes.

Then the training begins. Set the timer on your mobile phone or laptop to run for fifteen minutes and also try to fill as many circuits as possible over that time, trying to hold the technique in each and every reiteration. The training is divided into three different levels, so that beginners start with the first, until they feel comfortable enough to advance to the second level and then to the third.

Do one exercise after another, without stopping if possible. If you need to stop between exercises, or in the middle of the same series, for, but remember that we are trying to fill as many circuits as possible in those fifteen minutes, but without compromising our physical health. Move through the most difficult exercises at your own pace. And if any exercise is too complicated or you can’t handle the number of repetitions, adapt it to fit your needs. You just have to make sure that in each and every hotel stay, your physical condition is improving. For example, if you can only do five push-ups, set a goal of six on your next trip.

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  • 20 Squats with own weight
  • 15 Bent over – Feet on the floor, hands on the edge of the bed or desk.
  • 10 One-hand rowing – Instead of using a dumbbell, we use hand luggage, first one arm and then the other.
  • 10 Lower Abdominals


  • 25 Squats with outstretched arms
  • 20 Push Ups
  • 10 Rowing with one hand luggage
  • 15 Lower Abdominals


  • 20 Jump Squats
  • 20 Declining push-ups – Feet in bed or on the chair, and hands on the floor.
  • 10 Reverse Rowing – With the desk of the room.
  • 15 Lower Abdominals

After the training – if you have done well, you must have ended up sweating the drop – remember to stretch properly. Choose 4 or 5 stretching exercises to relax your muscles and stabilize your heart rate.

Abdominal exercises losing weight

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