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How to train your buttocks properly

How to train your buttocks properly
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The buttocks are one of the largest and most powerful muscle groups. Exercising them at home or in the gym is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also allows sports performance to flourish and prepare us for intense training. In addition to the familiar squats, there are many other exercises that are ideal for working the buttocks and can assist in strengthening them. But, yes, you must know well the technique to execute them without injuring yourself. Find out how to train your buttocks properly, below.

How to train your buttocks properly

Common buttock training errors

When it comes to training the buttocks, it is essential that you think of this muscular ensemble as a whole, that is, as part of a whole. One of the most basic failures of training is to dedicate all the time and each and every one of the exercises to a specific muscular group. For this reason, it is indispensable that, apart from carrying out a training for specific buttocks, it must be strengthened with training of legs, femoral and back, eminently.

How to train your buttocks properly

Whether you choose to exercise in the gym with the best machines for working the buttocks as well as if you prefer to continue a training at home that assists you to strengthen them, our recommendation is that you follow the advice of a personal trainer or qualified monitor. Only a fitness professional will be able to design the best workout routine to work the buttocks and progressively achieve the goals you set. In addition to this, keep in mind that when the buttocks are not well worked, the muscle function and mechanics of hip movement suffer, as well as strength, mobility, power, stability and even anatomical posture.

Basic tips for working your buttocks

Do you want to train your buttocks and know which is the best technique to achieve it? Even before checking the best tips for exercising your buttocks, it is essential to highlight the functionality of this muscle. By being located in the center of the body, the buttocks have a direct relationship with most of the actions that our body performs when swimming, running or simply going up and down stairs. For this reason, it is essential to know the proper technique to train the buttocks and avoid possible injuries to the hip or back.

How to train your buttocks properly

If your objective is to limit the buttocks and legs, you will discover other useful recommendations to strengthen the buttocks and carry out your routine correctly and effectively:

  1. Firmly fix the lumbar spine in a neutral situation: if you do not pay attention to this advice, you will be causing an overload in the lumbar area. For this reason, it is necessary to try to fix the back in a neutral situation, or on the contrary, we will perform flexion and lumbar extension instead of hip extensions. Another very common failure is not doing hip mobility exercises prior to training.
  2. Better to one leg than to two: the work to one leg motivates a greater activation of the gluteus medius, thanks to the work of stability that we carry out to support the balance.
  3. Start with basic exercises: your first training should focus on the myofascial muscle of the buttock, gradually moving on to exercising mobility with exercises such as unmonster walk, eight walk or miniband walk.

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