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How to work the abdominal area in your spinning classes

How to work the abdominal area in your spinning classes
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We all know spinning by its qualities at the time of working the next zone of the body. The fortification and toning that the incessant pedaling gives you form in all those who continue the spinning sessions in a regular way, an enviable strength and resistance in that area of the body. But what happens to the other parts of the body, are not executed at the time you get on the bike?

How to work the abdominal area in your spinning classes

The answer is meridianly affirmative, but it is true that there are techniques to work more particularly the other areas that are involved in secondary movements, such as the hands and the abdomen area or the core.

So, if there is this form of abdominal intervention, why don’t the instructors insist on focusing the core? The intervention of the central area in a wrong way, can develop serious posture problems, such as back pain and therefore fatigue. In addition to this it can lead to reduced performance and injuries in the long term.

Tips before you ride your bike

1 – Alter the seat: If your bike seat is properly aligned, your front knee will be aligned with the front foot when the pedals are at 3:00 and 9:00. The height of the saddle will allow your legs to extend the bottom of the race, but not the hyper-extension, (generally, this means that the seat will line up with the top of your hip).

How to work the abdominal area in your spinning classes

2 – The handlebars: Be careful not to have the handlebars too low or too high. There is a myth that the lower it is, the more work you have to do, the more pressure you are really causing on your back. If you want to find your midpoint at which you do the exercise properly, align the handlebars to the same level as the saddle or slightly higher than the saddle.

Once raised: Sit down with a slight inclination of the pelvis face back and leaving the coccyx face up. You should put yourself on the bike without shrugging your shoulders, exerting slight pressure on your wrists and with your elbows subtly flexed. As a conclusion, your body must be stable and subject to avoid the wobble throughout your session.

During class

Do you really want your belly to work? Since if you achieve each and every one of the preceding points and therefore train with the proper posture, your abdomen will automatically respond naturally to the cardiovascular system. As you work at different intensities throughout the class the abdominal area contracts and relaxes continuously as you change speed. The same way you contract your abdominals to each pedal, to increase the force you execute in that area.

How to work the abdominal area in your spinning classes

Remember to avoid tensions or stress in other parts of your body and refrain from pressing the handlebars too hard. If there are too many things then we want to assist you by providing you with a little outline that adds to each and every one of the preceding tips.

After training

If you still have strength after a Spinning class, make certain series of iron and this way you will strengthen the area of the abdomen.

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