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Ideal activities to complement your yoga routine

Ideal activities to complement your yoga routine
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Ideal activities to complement your yoga routine

Yoga is not a sport in itself, although certain of its postures and exercises are truly demanding. It is an ancient technique of relaxation and meditation that combines different movements with the purpose of seeking balance between the body, the psyche and the spirit. Logically, doing yoga sooner or later after exercising is always and in all circumstances a complementary activity to get the maximum benefit from your workout. Do you want to know with which activities it fits perfectly?

Why combine yoga with other sports?

Yoga is an intense physical work that can serve you, both to prepare the body and the different muscle groups for the effort that is coming, to get a better relaxation and restoration once finished exactly the same, preventing injuries and giving your body the precise time to relieve the rhythm of the pulsations and accept the impact endured.

If you propose how to complement yoga with your sporting activity, you should know that the two practices are not only compatible but more than advisable. Even before exercise, yoga is a great physical and mental preparation:

  • The relaxed psyche will help you focus on the challenge before you.
  • Replace negative thoughts and emotions with positive ones, always and in all circumstances is a good way to start any exercise.
  • Stretching each and every one of your muscle sets will make you gain flexibility and endurance.

Also, after running, swimming, cycling or strength training, yoga is going to be your best ally when it comes to recovering your basal rhythm, ensuring that this restoration is always and in all circumstances progressive and satisfactory.

Ideal activities to complement your yoga routine

3 ideas to combine yoga with other sports

Try to combine yoga with the sport you practice frequently. Not only will you improve in performance and endurance, but you will also increase the feeling of well-being. Certain sports ?marry? uniquely well with yoga, for example:

1. Yoga and running

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Did you know that there are many yoga exercises that are ideal for runners? There are many yoga postures (asanas) that work your feet and prepare them for the race. We know that running is an intense exercise of great impact that in addition to this demands a good lung capacity. The exercises included in yoga, designed to control breathing (pranayamas), may surprise you when you begin to run and appreciate that oxygen reaches without inconvenience where you need it most. With running you burn calories and gain power. Another advantage of running yoga is that it helps you increase your flexibility and practice this activity with each and every one of the guarantees.

2. Yoga and swimming

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Ideal activities to complement your yoga routine

It is another activity to complement your yoga routine that is especially recommended. You play with two media, water and land, seeking a balance between the two. Do some specific yoga exercises for swimmers before you get into the pool and you’ll appreciate your muscles more toned and energetic enough to beat any mark.

3. Yoga and cycling

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Few sports are so demanding. To travel kilometers and kilometers pedaling requires not only physical strength, but rather mental. Cycling complements yoga and vice versa, due to the fact that both activities require concentration, endurance and the desire to improve at all times.

These are just 3 examples of how to complement yoga with other sports. Sport has a fundamental psychological component. An athlete knows that becoming a champion in any competition depends not only on his physical form but also on his mental state. Try an easy yoga routine sooner or later after exercising. Choose the postures and movements that work just the muscle groups that you are going to demand the most. In addition to this, do you get the precise relaxation to face a test or training? Good results won’t be long in coming.

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