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Now that it's summer, the days are longer and it gets dark later. Therefore, it is the moment to start training on the street and take advantage of the fabulous weather this time of year.

Forget about spending long hours locked up in the gym and take advantage of the good weather to exercise outdoors, your body and psyche will be grateful. Some research suggests that the benefits of outdoor training are greater than those of training in the gym or other indoor settings. Now, we are going to know certain activities that you can practice in the city and be in shape always and at all times.

4 outdoor activities that you can practice in the city

Do you like playing sports in the streets of your city? Then you will be interested to know this list of the best activities to practice in the city and enjoy the good weather:

  1. Running. Running around the city is considerably more enjoyable and entertaining than running on a treadmill looking at the wall, no doubt about it. Design a safe path through your city, taking advantage of roads and parks and avoiding traffic congestion and crowded avenues, and go running alone, with your pet or any friend.
  2. Bicycle. If you're more of a peddler than a runner, a great alternative is to take your bike out of the garage and go for an outdoor bike trail. Always and in all circumstances it is more fun to observe the landscape than to pedal without leaving the place on a stationary gym bike. If you do it as a whole, the entertainment multiplies.
  3. Team sports. If you are fortunate enough to live in a coastal area, take advantage of the volleyball nets to organize matches or play soccer or tennis on the beach. If this is not your case, you can always take advantage of the football or basketball courts installed in the parks to play sports together. You can also go out together to skate.
  4. Create an exercise routine. If you want to continue your outdoor training program, help yourself from the park benches, trees and stairs to create an exercise routine that will let you continue to strengthen your body. You can also take your mat and do yoga or pilates exercises on the lawn in the park.

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3 reasons why you'll love to train outdoors

And what are the primary benefits of training around the city? We'll clear up your doubts here:

  • Better results. People are more motivated and perform better when they train outdoors. It is more enjoyable and pleasant to train outdoors because there is the possibility of doing activities and exercises different from those you get used to doing in the gym. In addition, people are more likely to continue exercising outdoors over the long term than when they train in the gym. If these exercises are performed together, then the probability increases even further.
  • Increase in fat-soluble Vitamin D. A large part of the world's population suffers from a deficiency of fat-soluble Vitamin D and day after day we leave realizing its importance in our health and disease prevention. Low levels of fat-soluble vitamin D are associated with low immunity, increased risk of multiple cancers, cardiovascular disease, neurological and psychological disturbances, diabetes, hypertension and bone loss. The best way to synthesize type D fat-soluble vitamin D is through sun exposure, so outdoor training is a great way to increase the levels of this powerful vitamin.
  • Variety of training. Outdoor training allows you to add a greater number of activities and movements that are not usually practiced in gyms due to space restrictions. This kind of training will assist you in improving your basic movements and working your whole body on different planes.

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