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Many times we skip abs because we don't have the time to do them, but really, who doesn't have twelve minutes three times a week to do some abs?

In total, there are thirty-six minutes of dedication per week, and in a week we have ten eighty minutes, which means that we have to take no more care than to get to work, there are no apologies that are worth it.

Here I will leave you with a twelve-minute routine of abdominal exercises to do at home, depending on the level of each one of them, where we will start working on the lower abdomen, the obliques and finally the rectus abdominis.

We will work with the Tabata procedure, that is, each exercise we will carry out eight series of twenty? of work with ten? of rest between series, which will make it a very intense work. Each Tabata lasts 3´?, at the end of the first exercise we are going to rest twenty? and we are going to pass to the second, after finishing the second Tabata we are going to rest twenty? and we are going to pass to carry out the last Tabata.

With hands supported and body leaning we will raise the log in unison that we shrink the legs that are going to be stretched. When the log is lowered, the legs are stretched. The one who has more level can do it without supporting arms, in balance. The essential thing is that we extend our legs well, squeeze the abdomen tightly and concentrate on what we want to work on. Remember, eight seasons, twenty? of work, we rested ten? and so on 8 times.

on the spot with the knees subtly bent rotations of wood with a disc in the hands, medicine ball, water carafe or whatever we improvise. If we can hold the legs in balance we will hold them in the air, if we are not going to put them tenuously flexed and we are going to lean a little face back to attack the obliques well. The more inclined our body is, the more complex it is to perform the exercise. Remember to squeeze your abdomen tightly and to exaggerate the movement. Whoever cannot do it with weight, can do it without. The progression would be the next from simplest to most difficult:

Rotation with legs supported and without weight.

Rotation with legs on the ground and weight.

Rotation with legs in the air and without weight.

Rotations with legs in the air and weight.

The working procedure is the same as in the previous one, twenty? working, ten? resting and we repeat eight times.

Starting from lying down with the legs bent, we will raise the log about 30º tightening the abdomen and lowering it slowly and in a controlled way. We must always and at all times look at the disc to avoid pulling with the neck. The arms must always and at all times be perpendicular to our head. This is a simple exercise more than after having done the others it will cost. 20? of work, ten? of rest X eight times that is repeated as before.

As in the previous one we will put levels, whoever cannot do it with a disc without a disc, apart from that you can use any other material as I have mentioned before, just in case you don't have any discs.

Complexity variants from simpler to more difficult:

Semi-flexed and weightless legs.

Semi-flexed and heavy legs.

One leg stretched, the other semi-flexed and weighted.

In this way, each one of them can adapt to their level and carry out the exercise correctly, which, at the end of the day, the technique is what will give us the results.

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