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You started running only a few months ago, and from the moment you took the step you still haven't felt any results. While you run you burn a lot of calories, so here are some reasons why you can't see how you lose weight through Running.


Burning calories while exercising causes an enormous sense of appetite, but it's essential that you make good choices about what to eat. If you choose junk food as edible after the running, not only will you lose all of your earnings (worth the redundancy) during the running session, but this will only calm you down for a while, since you will soon feel exactly the same sensation again. While a snack after a run is essential, you need to make sure it's full of protein and carbohydrates and doesn't exceed about 150 calories.

If you eat immediately after running, enjoy a meal that is prudent and proportionate to your exercise, and do not eat as much as you like, since in such a case, the less and the better you eat, the better the benefit will be. If you are still hungry in this way, it must be because your body was not well nourished before you started training, so that you can eat something before you go for a run.


If you run and don't see results, you should take a look at your calendar. Running forty-five minutes or two twenty-minute sessions a week won't make you burn enough to lose weight. To lose half a kilogram in a week, you must burn five hundred calories a day through exercise. If your goal is to lose weight, you should do at least three or four Running sessions per week alongside strength sessions to speed up your metabolism and thus encourage calorie burning.


You've just come home from running, you're covered in sweat and you're convinced you've burned more than 500 calories. But is it really this way? A woman of sixty-five kilograms burns about four hundred and ninety-five calories in a forty-five minute session running at a rate of ten minutes per kilometer. If you don't run for so long or at this rate you will burn less than you think. The best thing you can do to monitor this is to use a heart rate monitor or you can use one of the new free smartphone applications that will help you get everything under control.


If you've found a 5-kilometer drive in your neighborhood, running for a few weeks can help turn exercise into a habit. The drawback is when you do exactly the same exercise on a continuous basis. The muscles adjust to the care in which you expose them, and if this is progressive and you do not change it you will return to the initial situation, in which you do not feel benefits. Avoid this inconvenience by including speed breaks, hill climbing, long and short runs and running on different surfaces and places to expose your muscles to new situations and new sacrifices.

Take a look at these 4 training techniques that will test your running sessions. In what way has it been said previously, it is essential not only to opt for a single exercise, try to mix running with strength and endurance training in order to accelerate your metabolism.


Running is one of the best ways to strengthen your bottom log, while helping to shed anatomical fat while building muscle mass. Muscle tissue is thicker than fat tissue, taking up less space. This means that even though your weight is not reduced, other body measurements will be changing, such as waist curves, bra size, or buttock size.

The number it points to on your scale is not always and under all circumstances the best way to monitor your progress. Even if the scale doesn't move, you'll still be able to put on those skinny jeans you had on your psyche.

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