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Improve your running performance with body weight training

Improve your running performance with body weight training
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Do you run frequently and want to have a firmer core and stronger legs that will help you prosper your running marks? Discover how to prosper your running performance with Body Weight Training, in a short time and with results that will surprise you.

Improve your running performance with body weight training

It is a force training in which one works with one’s own anatomical weight. The Body Weight Training consists of carrying out, consequently, a series of calisthenics exercises which are the ideal complement to prosper with nothing new session. More flexibility, more power and long-distance endurance are just some of the “extras” you’ll get if you combine running with Body Weight Training.

What does Body Weight Training bring to a runner?

Although you can adapt the level of demand to your general physical condition, Body Weight is an intense training, which brings multiple benefits to runners ready to prosper and achieve new goals. If you decide to try it and start a cross training, in a few weeks you will verify that doing Body Weight will improve your performance in an obvious way, because this training procedure favors:

1. Stronger Core

A firm and stable log, with just development of the abdomen and back musculature, is essential for any runner. If you have a robust and solid core you will have a better balance in the race, and you will be able to hold the ideal posture in each and every stride without any effort. By training with your weight and following a cross training for runners, you gain strength and stability in your central zone and in this way Body Weight Training will increase your running performance.

Greater flexibility and agility

Squats, backgrounds, dominated, abs? The Body Weight includes varied exercises that complement the training of a runner increasing the mobility and agility of all your muscles and joints and not just the lower extremities. It is a complete and effective training so that you “take off” in each and every race.

Improve your running performance with body weight training

3. More power in the stride

Calisthenics work involves the development of muscles and their strength with enduring results that translate into more powerful legs and arms. Body Weight Training will make you run faster with each of your steps, propelling you with legs and also with your arms in perfect order.

Less danger of injury

Running is a high-impact aerobic activity and any training that involves strengthening your muscles will minimize the negative effects of that impact. The firm core will act as a corset to protect your spine and the muscles of legs and arms will also contribute to your tendons and joints suffer as little as possible.

How to combine running and Body Weight Training

Do you want to combine running and gym? You have to know that the two disciplines are compatible training and even complementary with what, if you want, sign up for Body Weight Training to perform more running. There is no precise plan that is the same for each and every one of the runners, but as a general rule, the trainers recommend carrying out the different types of training on alternate days and always and at all times respecting the precise breaks.

Improve your running performance with body weight training

In this case, remember that it is preferable to carry out the aerobic activity first and leave the strength work for after the race. Strengthen your muscles, improve your overall fitness, lose weight and prosper in your performance running is possible by including Body Weight in your training routine.

If you want to try, spend one day a week practicing certain essential exercises such as:

  • Pushups. Ideal for working the muscles of the arms that will contribute to give you a greater impulse in the race.
  • Abdominals. Basic to get a strong core that guarantees your stability and good posture when running.
  • Squats. One of the exercises that can not miss in the training of a runner to strengthen legs and buttocks.
  • Lunges (strides). You’re going to gain strength and elasticity in the lower extremities.
  • Dominated. To strengthen arms and back.
  • Leg lifts. Essential stretches to work your legs without impact and gaining elasticity.

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