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Intense training to exercise the whole body

Intense training to exercise the whole body
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The lack of time or the very frequented gyms tend to be an obstacle to carry out a physical activity. Strengthening the body, getting in shape and gaining confidence are not simple tasks when there is not enough time to go from one machine to another or they are occupied by other people.

Intense training to exercise the whole body

With the training we’re going to propose now you’ll only need a bar, some weight, a squat rack and a good attitude to start training. These eight exercises will put your whole body to work without leaving the site. “I don’t have room, or enough time” is no longer a valid apology at the time of exercise.

Stretch before you start

To prepare for this series of intense exercises it is essential to warm up beforehand, stretching both the lower and upper body. This will allow not only flexibility to thrive but rather expand the capacity of muscle movements.

A good way to do this is to use a towel, rope or band, depending on what is free and within reach. To stretch legs and buttocks, it is advisable to lie on your back, lift one leg straight in the air and wrap the towel or band under the foot. This provides greater range and mobility to bring the leg closer to the body. Moving the leg extended face in and face out and crossing it trying to reach the floor, you will feel how the hamstrings and buttocks are properly stretched. After each and every movement, you should move your leg.

Using exactly the same element, wrap it in a post or spine, walk face back leaving your arms outstretched and slightly arching your back to stretch your upper and dorsal muscles. Wearing an arm behind your head, you will complement your warm-up by stretching your triceps.

After you’ve warmed up properly, you’re ready to start training. These exercises can be performed in three or four series and in the range of eight-ten reiterations for each of them. This will depend on the intensity of each exercise and the physical capacity of each athlete.

1- Squats with bar

Before beginning it is essential to take the empty bar to be able to measure the height of the bolts and to adjust the height to be able to carry out it with confidence and security. At the moment of the exercise, it is advisable to lose slowly regulating the weight on the legs, to wait a second and also to push the weight with force face up recovering the initial situation.

Intense training to exercise the whole body

2- Eccentric dominated

Take a weight belt or chains and wrap it securely around your body. These are not traditional dominations, but rather positioning the knob on the bar and then descending as slowly as possible, taking advantage of the body’s own weight and working the eccentric part of the dominated. As a general rule women see the idea of making them impossible, but the idea is to strengthen the muscles of the back and achieve in the beginning, at least one.

3- Power clean

The purpose of this exercise is the eagerness of the whole body. It demands speed and power and can be intimidating. It is a very technical movement which inevitably requires a lighter weight than frequent. It is about lifting a dead weight, at a greater distance than the width of our shoulders, so that the knees have to be tenuously inclined face the sides.

It is a fast movement, when pulling the bar face up, the impulse of the hip face forward should accompany and allow the movement. It is precisely in the hip where the greatest force must be concentrated to bring the bar to the height of the chin. Once reached, and that the body is under the bar, you must capture exactly the same with your hands, nailing the elbows face forward. As can be estimated, it is a very technical movement and requires some practice to be able to do it.

4- Shoulder Push Press

Once again, this exercise puts the whole body into action, even though it requires an enormous impulse from the legs to be able to carry more weight. It consists of lifting the bar high, carrying weight on the shoulders and making them work hard. You should move as fast as you can and then slightly tilt your head forward and flex your triceps to stabilize your body.

5- Soil press

It is similar to the bench press, but is done on the floor and is more demanding as it does not have the traditional support of the heels. The elbows fall at a ninety-degree angle even before pushing the weight face up.

Intense training to exercise the whole body

6- “Trituracraneos”?

Classic triceps with the help of a bar. In a horizontal situation and with the help of a narrow grip, this exercise consists of lowering the bar to the head and using the triceps to return to propel it face up. Imagining that the upper body, except the forearms, cannot move helps isolate and work the relevant muscles.

7- Good morning

Apart from its jocular name, this exercise helps not only to work many muscles but also to prosper the posture. It is best to start with little weight, and in the case of beginners, it is still convenient to start with the bar alone. Already with the weight on the back, it is necessary to situate oneself in a squatting situation, as if you were going to do squats, but instead of going down, the legs are flexed less and the body is bent face back while the waist is bent. The buttocks are then pressed and the hips are brought forward face to face to return to the initial situation.

8- Rodador

This last exercise works not only the upper body, but contracts and strengthens abdominals, chest and hip. With your knees on the floor, let the bar slide across the floor and roll with your arms outstretched. Each and every muscle is going to contract. The chest and stomach should touch the floor while holding the back straight, and then roll back face the initial situation. That’s a reiteration.

In addition to the importance of taking into consideration the previous heating for this intensive training, it is advisable to take into account the personal physical condition and to adapt exactly the same to both repetitions and breaks. Exactly the same change between forty-five and ninety seconds depending on the particular physical conditions. Fulfilling this only remains to take advantage of the advantages that this training provides in such a short time and without moving from place.

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