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Interview ashley nocera model wbff pro

Interview ashley nocera model wbff pro
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About Ashley

  • Age: 20
  • Height: one hundred and fifty-two cm
  • Weight: forty-nine kg

How did you get started in fitness?

I’ve always been active as a little boy. I started swimming when I was four years old and came to swim competitively for more than ten years. At that time, I did not have the convenient knowledge to eat healthily and thus nourish my body. When I did, portion sizes were always and at all times too big, and my meals consisted of countless carbohydrates and very little protein. When I stopped swimming competitively, I was no longer physically active and not happy with my image.

Interview ashley nocera model wbff pro

I always admired the beautiful women in the fitness gazettes and wanted to get that look. I knew I had to make some changes, so I bought my first gym outfit and started my transformation. At first, I had countless criticisms from the people I cared about. My new way of life seemed too much for them. But at the moment when I was able to focus on myself and learned to ignore the negativity around me, I had the opportunity to continue my fitness journey with confidence.

What’s your life now that you’ve done your transformation?

When I was little I was diagnosed with asthma and since my transformation, my breathing has improved enormously and I no longer depend on my drugs. In addition to this I am considerably more confident of myself coming to feel less intimidated on the planet that surrounds me.

What motivates you to move forward and stronger?

I love the messages I receive in social media that state how much I inspire those who follow me, this encourages me to continue with more strength day by day.

My grandfather was a bodybuilder when I was young and for me it is my inspiration that I want him to feel a little prouder of me every day.

Interview ashley nocera model wbff pro

What’s your next target? Where do you see yourself in a year?

I’m working hard to win the WBFF Biquini Contest in Las Vegas. In this new year I see myself training hard to continue developing my physique. I believe that there is nothing better than to prosper every day to arrive with perfection of your body.

What is your training philosophy?

There are no shortcuts, you have to work hard to get results.

Complete routine:

Monday: Lower Train

  • Five x eight.6 squats.
  • Three x 20 dumbbell strides
  • Deadweight with stiff legs four x ten-12
  • Good morning with dumbbells four x ten-12.
  • Curl of leg four x ten-12

Tuesday: Arms / Abdominals

  • Curl of biceps with dumbbells three x 10
  • Curl Hammer three x 10
  • Triceps extension with 3 x 10 flat bench
  • Triceps extension with rope on pulley three x 10
  • Funds three x to failure
  • Russian twists three x 20
  • Cable Chops three x 15

Wednesday: Bottom

  • Donkey kick on pulley four x 15
  • Elevation of hips with bar three x 15
  • Jump in box four x 10
  • Step Up three x 10
  • Three x 15″ adduction machine
  • Three x 20 Foot Twin Machine

Thursday: Shoulders / Back / Abdominals

  • Shoulder press with dumbbells three x 10
  • Front dumbbell lifts three x 10
  • Dominated three x to failure
  • Pullover on high pulley three x 10
  • Seated row three x 12
  • Wooden elevations on declined bench four x 15
  • Elevation of legs stretched hanging on bar four x 15

Friday: Lower Train

  • Five x 8 squats
  • Deceased weight four x 8
  • Press of legs four x 12
  • Leg extension three x 12
  • Three x 20 dumbbell strides
  • Three x 15″ Abduction Machine

Saturday: Cardio

  • 20 Minutes Stepmill Machine
  • 15 minutes treadmill

Sunday: Rest

What is your favorite cardio workout?

I enjoy the exercises of the stair machine and HIIT.

Tape routine

  • 1 Random Minute
  • 1 minute Sprint
  • 1 Minute with long steps
  • 1 minute walk
  • 1 Minute face back

Repeat four times

Interview ashley nocera model wbff pro

Routine machine stairs

  • Level Ten (fifteen Minutes)
  • Level eleven-fifteen (five minutes)

Do you go through volume and definition phases throughout the year or do you hold yourself defined?

No, I’m trying to support myself all year round. Throughout the low season, I do less cardio and focus on strength building. My goal is muscle development, keeping my diet clean, but not so rigorous.

Daily diet:

  • Food 1: ½ cup oatmeal and 1 tablespoon protein
  • Food 2: Fruit Smoothie
  • Meal 3: 200gr of chicken, 60gr of brown rice and 150gr of vegetables
  • Food 4: 50gr cup almonds
  • Meal 5: 200gr chicken or tuna, salad and 150gr vegetables
  • Food 6: four-six egg whites

What has been your greatest achievement in the field of fitness?

In my first fitness competition at the age of nineteen, I was first and received my Pro card.

Favorite Quote:

“Strength does not come from winning; your struggles developed your strengths. When you go through setbacks and decide not to give up, it’s strength. “Mahatma Gandhi


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