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Interview to the catalan gual gem fitness revelation

Interview to the catalan gual gem fitness revelation
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How did you get started on the planet of sports and fitness?

I started working on a record in Salou where I met a boy who was a fitness enthusiast. He had an incredible physique and I was curious. Her sister is a TOP fitness company in the United States and opened a company dedicated solely to preparing girls for bikini competitions. Today, this girl is one of the but known on the planet fit in Los Angeles and has multiple brands of her own.

Interview to the catalan gual gem fitness revelation

What do you think is your greatest accomplishment so far? The moment you are most proud of?

Getting where I’ve gone is already an achievement for me. There isn’t a specific moment I’m proud of. As they say in the feelforfit, “fall in love with the process”, that is, with the changes that you see little by little. It’s a different way of life. Quite sacrificed, since they are not only physical changes but the psyche plays a good part.

3. What is your exercise routine?

Training by muscle groups. My routine is divided into 5 days with specific exercises for each of them.


Buttocks and abdominals

3.Biceps and triceps



and sometimes I do a sixth day of functional training to catch Resistance (exercises but aerobics)

What are your three favorite exercises? Why?

The hip-trust, the squat in the multipower and femoral lying down.

Because I love training buttocks and legs.

What is your preferred cardio training?

The stairs. I have a step at home, where I practice my half hour of cardio on an empty stomach every morning. I put on the tv or watch the social networks while I do my cardio.

Interview to the catalan gual gem fitness revelation

6. What is your diet?

I eat 6 meals a day.

My diet is hyperproteic. Eggs, egg whites, chicken, turkey, veal, white fish, tuna and whey protein supplements, which give you fast absorption. But also as many clean hydrates such as (oats flavored, spelt bread, potato, sweet potato, kamut pasta, basmati rice …) and healthy fats that come from nuts (almonds, nuts, peanuts …), avocado, fats from salmon ….

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get started?

Let him never lose his motivation, let him always and in all circumstances look for references and be very patient, since changes are not achieved in a day. In this sport, perseverance is what perseveres the most.

You have to be really relentless in both training and diet. If you train more and don’t continue the diet, you’ll never see any changes.

8. What is the greatest advice you have ever been given?

That estimating is power. Set a goal and fight to achieve it, no matter when where or what they are going to say.

9. How do you deal with incidents or bad days?

I take my tuppers with me to each and every part. Sometimes you can not continue the diet seriously when you are away from home for many hours, but try. And if I skip a meal for an X reason, then I go back to my routine, I don’t stop eating and I don’t skip meals.

When you have bad days: A “I don’t feel like getting up” but I take one leg out of bed and leave. A ?would fuck everything up? more I am but strong than my apologies. A ?tomorrow I do? but you take the time to do it today.

The other day training I thought, my mother what I have left, but at the same time I said?and what have you already done? Come on, go on! Never look at what you lack because what really matters is everything you’ve done for yourself. I don’t believe what I’ve achieved with just a little effort, because what makes the difference always and in all circumstances is a small detail, that little one, you know what I’m talking about.

10. Were you making mistakes when you started training?

Oh, sure. I’m still making mistakes. The planet of fitness, is very extensive, always and at all times there are things to learn.

One of my biggest failures when I started was to meditate that eating so much was going to fatten me up. And I ate less than my body asked me to, and I couldn’t gain muscle mass, until the moment I learned that in order to “grow” you have to eat and eat a lot. And the bulking stage? (build muscle) must be there to be able to delimit, and in this way improve day after day.

11. It gives three health tips that people can incorporate right now:

Drink plenty of water

Interview to the catalan gual gem fitness revelation

Do each and every meal without fear of getting fat. In order to achieve a good physique you first have to eat a lot, you are going to take volume, and don’t be afraid of the scale. If you weigh but, it’s because of the fact that muscle weighs but fat.

Do not overdo it with the Cardio. If we do too much cardio, our body will not take the energy from the body fat, but will begin to burn muscle, which is something that does not interest us.

What would be your best tips for getting in shape and losing those last few pounds?

A very effective way to burn fat is to do the cardio on an empty stomach. While when we wake up in the morning our glucose and insulin levels are low. In the presence of insulin you don’t burn fat.

13. What was your most enjoyable moment at the gym?

I’ve had many, more for example, in Carnival or Halloween we used to go disguised to the gym. It’s very amusing to see your fellow dancers dressed as trained dancers.

14. Where does your motivation come from?

To want to get to where my “referents” have gone. If you’ve made it, by the fact that you haven’t?

What are your favorite Fitness models? Do you have someone to inspire you?

I have many references. My favorite is Michelle Lewin. I’m also prosecuting Ingrid Romero, who is my trainer’s sister. They have public accounts on social networks where they upload a lot of videos and give good advice.

I also have an instagram page where I upload things. I am entering the planet of social networks, and I still have a lot of work to do. But I encourage you to continue in my “gemitafit” account, where if you see my “stories” every day I upload very healthy and delicious fit recipes and exercises.

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