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Interview to the colombian fitness sensation: anllela sagra

Interview to the colombian fitness sensation: anllela sagra
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At the height of sports celebrities such as Michelle Lewin or Jen Salter, Anllela Sagra, who is only twenty-three years old, is in the top three of the most renowned fitness stars. Its Instagram has more than six million followers and its page helps thousands and thousands of people every day to change their physique and their way of life. Truly this young woman has become a social phenomenon that serves as a reference and motivation for half of South America and part of the rest of the planet.

Interview to the colombian fitness sensation: anllela sagra

But it has to be said that his expensive road to success has not been at all simple. It was the danger, the perseverance and the dedication that have made this Colombian to be who she is today!

More about Anllela’s beginnings:

Already four years ago, he embarked on this journey we put aside his studies of trend and giving a dangerous point to his life. In his beginnings, his body was without forces and exaggeratedly thin, since it was oriented to the planet of modeling, but when he decides to focus on fitness, he knows that his muscles must give a 360ยบ turn and that’s why he points to a gymansio.

There he meets a trainer who gave him that impulse to change his life one hundred percent and orient it to a healthy way of life. Each and every day he liked more and more the knowledge of his body and like this, he was beginning to answer. As a result, her modeling career began to come to an end due to increased muscle mass. ? Many told him to give up, but the passion he felt for his new life was unbelievable.


1) How did you get started on the planet of Fitness?

Firstly, I started with an increase in volume over a period of about three months, there I gained five kilos. When I already had a suitable muscle mass, I began with the diet phase, to lose the weight that did not correspond to me and uncover muscles defined and shaped. I achieved my goal eminently by increasing protein intake and gradually reducing carbohydrates, once stabilized I sustained myself by taking amino acids, glutamine and above all a lot of protein.

After a year and a half of discipline and dedication, I signed up for a fitness contest in which I was in 3rd place. I was very surprised by the results and even more by the comments of great names and judges, since I had only been on this planet for a short period. It was throughout this time that I had an insecurity about what I wanted to do in life. Did you want to be a model like everyone else in Colombia or did you want to be the first Colombian Fitness Model? Quality worth leaving everything you had worked with behind and perceive criticism for this? Is all this worth pursuing what I love?

Interview to the colombian fitness sensation: anllela sagra

One thing came to my psyche after so many questions. In life there is no fortune, there are only occasions and is your resolution in terms of whether you expose yourself or not to take them. I decided to take it and expose myself, lose everything and just jump on the planet of possibilities and truth is that it was the best resolution I have ever taken in my life. Perseverance, patience and dedication were words that began to haunt my head every day, while I was not sure what I was doing, but I began to feel more comfortable because of the incredible passion and what I knew through social networks.

2) What are the best exercises for you?

Among my favorite exercises are those concrete to strengthen and limit the buttocks and legs. In general I work quadriceps and buttocks one day and the next day I perform femoral legs and twins, so I don’t overload exactly the same muscles. When I work weight on my exercises, I tend to work at first with six repetitions, then increase to eight and reach a maximum of ten. Consequently I believe that the exercises that best suit my demands are:

  • Squats: For me they are essential and perfect! I don’t start with a lot of weight, but rather I vary the modality continuously, legs more united or more open depending on what I want to work.
  • Dead weight: Essential for working quadriceps, buttocks and femorals, the 3 primary muscles for building a beautiful legs.

3) Exactly what do women usually fail at the moment of working legs?

Muscles have to be left to rest and people usually don’t. It is believed that if you train each and every day exactly the same muscles, you achieve greater results in a shorter time more meridianly become confused. Muscles thrive at rest and the more you train, the more they can atrophy and therefore avoid thrive.

4) What do you eat before training?

Especially on leg days, I ingest a lot of carbohydrates then on the next three days where I do another kind of exercise under the dose. I start about eighty grams of oats, fifty grams a day later and the last twenty grams, until the moment I start again.

5) After two years of intense training, exactly what has altered the way you train?

At first I thought that if I increased my weight a lot when I worked on my arms, I would become too masculine, but with time you realize that this is not the way it is. It is true that if you eat a lot, your weight increases and your muscle mass increases as well. But if on the other hand you have a balanced diet, you should not be afraid, your food will be transformed into strength for lifting weights and this in definition of your muscles. It has altered my point of view and perspective on the subject.

Interview to the colombian fitness sensation: anllela sagra

6) What are the four groceries that are key to you?

My indispensable, they are:

  • Egg white, due to its high protein content and low cholesterol.
  • Oatmeal, like a good carbohydrate
  • Broccoli to define
  • Fish

7) Quote that defines you?

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