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The model and athlete Marina Pellicier reveals her great passions in an interesting interview in which she explains her routines, her diet and the experiences that have led her to become a famous Biquini FEFF contender, a fitness model and part of the MYPROTEIN Team.

How did you get started on the planet of sport and fitness?

By sheer chance. A few years ago I met a person who encouraged me to prepare myself, but in that season there was no such thing as a fitness bikini, so I put it aside. In spite of this, it has always and at all times attracted my attention and I read things every day and followed people who motivated me a lot. Six months ago now, after deciding with my partner Jaisel Pellicier, I really started to prepare myself with the surprise that I did quite well in my first season as a contender.

What do you think is your greatest achievement so far? The moment you're most proud of?

My greatest achievement is to have come this far and wake up every morning with the illusion of continuing with this. I've come to realize that it's what really pleases me and clears me of my drawbacks - the moment you're most proud of? In each and every one of the tournaments I've been to, I've been very proud to have made it there. You must go through quite difficult situations (especially the diet) and over a long period of time, which is why when you see the slightest progress you feel so good.

What is your exercise routine?

My exercise routine is very variable. I work every muscle in my body quite hard. I do superseries, giant series?

My favorite routine is the leg and gluteus routine. As a general rule, it is the one that costs me the most care and I end up exhausted, but the sensations I feel are very good. When the work is pretty convenient. I've seen a lot of improvement with this routine:

Routine legs and buttocks:

1- Warm up over five-seven minutes by bike

2- Strides: four x 20

3- Deep squats: four x twenty with low weight

4- Buttock pulley kick: four x fifteen with each leg

5- Weightless pelvic lift - 3×30

6- To finish I stretch well

What are your three favorite exercises? For what reason?

Shoulder lifts, z-biceps and most leg exercises - for what reason? I love those exercises because I appreciate the fact that I'm appreciating some pretty good changes with them. In my leg my favorite are deep squats and buttock kicking.

What is your favorite cardio training?

My favorite cardio training is the steps.

What is your diet?

My diet, like my training routine, changes quite frequently. The one I'm on now is a diet to get a little volume, trying not to raise the fat percentage too much.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get started?

If you really like it, go ahead. A lot of people are going to laugh, they're not going to support you, they're going to try to get you to stop. You have to be really mentally strong not to get carried away by other people's comments.

¨Si you want something fight for ello¨

What's the best advice you've ever been given?

Not just once, many times I have been advised not to sink, to keep looking ahead and I try to do that.

How do you handle incidents or bad days?

There are always days that are harder for you than others, but you have to be positive and meditate that they are little bursts. I try to entertain myself and not fall into negativism. I know the day after that the sun will come out again.

Were you making mistakes when you started training?

Of course. Of course. I used to train with a lot of weight and maybe exercises that didn't suit my structure.

He gives three health tips that people can incorporate right now:

Drink plenty of water, leave fried foods and sugar for the weekends and do not lead a sedentary life.

What would be your best tips for getting in shape and losing those last few pounds?

Follow good nutrition and practice sports. The 2 most essential elements undoubtedly.

What was your most entertaining moment at the gym?

One time, a friend at the gym where I was training asked a girl and I to get into the press room to train. I had the machine loaded with discs plus our weight. We laughed a lot because of the situation :)

Where does your motivation come from?

Since I was a little girl I have always and always practiced a lot of sport. From swimming to ballet. I have always been a very active person and this is how I feel happy and motivated.

What are your favorite fitness models? Do you have someone to inspire you?

My favorite girls are Ashley Kaltwasser, Cindy Villalobos, Yarishna Ayala and Michelle Lewin. The four of them are my inspiration.


Many thanks to my coach Hector Defez, my partner, my sponsor MY PROTEIN ESPAÑA for their daily support and of course to feelforfit for this excellent interview.


OPEN Championship"Night of Champions" - 2nd classified

Championship of Andalusia - 1st classified low size and absolute champion

National Championship - 2nd classified low size

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