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Interview with athlete nutrytec, ifbb bikini and fitness model soraya alvarez

Interview with athlete nutrytec, ifbb bikini and fitness model soraya alvarez
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Currently a sports technician at the iFitness gym in Ponferrada with training in multiple specializations, official Nutrytec athlete, IFBB Biquini and fitness model, Soraya is on track to establish itself as one of the top professionals in the fitness industry.

Interview with athlete nutrytec, ifbb bikini and fitness model soraya alvarez

  • Champion Castilla y Leon
  • Northern Spain runner-up
  • 3rd Classified of the Tournament of Spain
  • Selected to compete in World Cup 2014

How did you start out on the planet of sports and fitness?

Since she was a child, she practiced athletics and handball. I quit because of the fact that I suffered an injury and over the years I gained weight, I like eating too much I confess. One summer I got on the scale and when I saw what it marked I said that it could not continue in this way, so I decided to join the gym in my village. I started going to directed classes, indoor cycle, batuka… I also went out skating, swimming… It was a cardio ida jeje. In two thousand eight I did my first course as an indoor cycle instructor and over the years I increased my curriculum with the courses I could afford. At one time I used to fool around with the weights but without any kind of control and with a very unhealthy nutrition.

It was in two thousand twelve when I met my partner, the one who brought me fully into the planet of fitness. When already exhausted of my small complexes I decide to listen to him to try, while it really caught my attention to see him pass from his stage volume to an impeccable definition. I listened to him and what I never thought would go away, went away. Little by little you become ambitious and want to prosper this and that and that and by the time you realize you can no longer go without training. With what it is to him, Omar Pellejero, to whom I owe my accomplishments for discovering this planet.

What do you think is your greatest achievement so far? The moment you’re most proud of?

My greatest achievement is not a medal or to have won anything, it is to have achieved something I never thought I was capable of, to endure a preparation. In pre-competition instants sometimes it becomes hard, you pass appetite, thirst, tiredness accumulates… That is when you have to draw strength from weakness not to throw in the towel. Not having done so in any of my preparations makes me proud of myself.

What’s your workout routine?

I distribute my routine in the living room like this:

Monday: Back /Abdomen
Tuesday: Leg
Wednesday: Break
Thursday: Biceps/Triceps/Gemelo
Friday: Shoulder/Gluteo
Saturday: Break
Sunday: Break

In the definition season I include four three-forty-minute cardiovascular sessions.

What are your three favorite exercises? For what reason?

Any of back and shoulder I love because they are the 2 muscle sets that I like to train the most.

What is your preferred cardio training?

None… Hahaha. I have spent so many years doing only cardio that I have caught mania … But recently I have started teaching Zumba and I go out soaking wet and have a lot of fun, with which I stay with Zumba as cardio.

Interview with athlete nutrytec, ifbb bikini and fitness model soraya alvarez

What’s your diet?

Luckily I don’t have much complexity to lose weight, and my diet is very varied. In contrast to what the whole planet is accustomed to thinking that we only eat chicken and rice … If it is true that the last month and before the competition there is not much plurality, but the rest of the time I maintain a healthy and varied diet. In each and every meal I include protein (chicken, hake, tuna, egg whites, veal, skim cheese) a source of hydrates (rice, pasta, oats, whole wheat flour, corn tortillas, multigrain bread) and healthy fats (nuts, almonds, peanut butter, raw virgin olive oil, blue fish, eggs). All cooked to the plate, cooked or to the steam and controlling the quantities, all heavy, nothing to eye of good bucket. It is useless to eat that if you cook it on half a litre of oil and eat a whole pot… Jeje

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get started?

Sincerely, if you really want change, put yourself in charge of a personal trainer. I speak from my experience, by the fact that you may know the theory but on your own you end up in some way lost, you don’t have some established guidelines and you end up doing what you want and very often self-deception. In this way that person holds you controlled and is objective by the fact that believe me, there comes a day when you lose objectivity with yourself, and you are not being aware of what you have achieved. So as I said, I think it’s best to put yourself in charge of a specialist.

Because always and in all circumstances I ask exactly the same question… would you cut your hair? Since it’s exactly the same to me.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t compare me to anyone at all. When I competed for the first time and saw the rest of the girls I would share the stage with, I got scared, I became tiny. I looked at them and each and every one of them was beautiful and had an incredible physique, however the moment I looked at myself I only saw my weak points… Without being aware that I also had strong points. With what works to make you your best version, don’t compete against anyone but yourself. And love yourself above every single thing. You’re worth more than you think!

How do you handle incidents or bad days?

I try to diminish the relevance of things, take the positive out of the incident, but on many occasions I also collapse and need a helping hand to help me lift my head.
They’re very sentimental and simple tears. I give thanks for the people around me who love me as they do, I am graced for this reason.

Were you making mistakes when you started training?

Focus only on my lower train. I wanted to progress my legs and buttocks, training them practically every day without just giving them rest, thinking that more would be better, but not… I was achieving the opposite, overtraining my lower body, thus burning my muscular mass.

It gives three health tips that people can incorporate right now:

Eat five times a day including protein in each and every meal.
two. Drink three liters of water a day
three. You get one hour of exercise four times a week.

What would be your best tips for getting in shape and losing those last few pounds?

In many cases, those last kilograms are worth taking away because they wanted to run too much. Quite a few people believe that carbohydrate is their opponent and they must remove it from their diet in order to lose weight, making miracle diets that over time the only thing they achieve is to make their metabolism slower.

Interview with athlete nutrytec, ifbb bikini and fitness model soraya alvarez

As a tip never leave carbohydrates at zero and start training, do a weight routine and now do your cardiovascular exercise. But that train strong, this especially goes for the girls who are afraid to get big, that will not happen, so train hard!

What was your most enjoyable moment at the gym?

I’m quite a clown and each and every one of the gyms I’ve trained in or worked in took me moments to enjoy, but undoubtedly in the gym where I started, in my hometown, with my first set of pupils who ended up being friends in my spinning classes. Great moments passed.

Where does your motivation come from?

From my partner, he is a born fighter, I have never seen absolutely anyone who puts as much passion into something as he does. For me, a case of incessant overcoming with extraordinary willpower.

What are your favorite Fitness models? Do you have someone to inspire you?

I could tell you an endless number of them… But I’ll take this top 3:

1.Olga Putrova
dos.Alla Semenova
tres.Zsuzsanna Toldi

You can proceed to Soraya here:


Twitter: @soryoseayo

Instagram: @soryoseayo

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