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About Ana:

  • Age: 34
  • Height: one hundred and sixty cm
  • Weight: fifty-three kg

How did you get started on the bodybuilding planet?

I've always been an athlete. When I was younger I participated in a variety of sports, such as swimming, ballet and gymnastics. Even in high school, I was on the track team and I also did speed skating. It was always and always my dream to become an athlete one day. While on the skating team, I had the opportunity to travel to Medellin, Colombia, as part of the Puerto Rico national team. It was one of the best experiences to represent my country. Fitness had always and always been an enormous help to the burden of my life throughout my youth. Always and at all times I tried to hold my psyche and my active body to prevent me from meditating on my family troubles. I had some really difficult years, sometimes at home, I felt as if I was on a battlefield.

My younger brother, whom I called my twin brother, was hit by a motorcycle. Someone jumped a stop sign and left. I flew to Puerto Rico the next day, a week passed and he died and all I remembered were his last words,"Don't go, take me with you. After experiencing the worst and feeling a deep sense of loneliness, I was in a deep depression, I had lost everything.

Through the depression I had gained weight so I didn't want to go out or be seen in that state at all.

Thanks to the love of my family and friends, I was able to go out. But one day, after crying, I saw a fitness ad on TV and I said,"I WANT TO BE THIS WAY!

It wasn't just the physique I was trying to do, I wanted to incorporate meaning into my life as it was expensive before, I wanted to go back to feeling good and I was sure that with exercise I would be able to do it.

Little by little I recovered and began to go to the gym. I liked the way my body was shaped and it was from there that I decided to give myself the chance to compete. I joined a training team to help me prepare and to my surprise, I finished second at NPC Biquini, the first time I entered a contest.

From that moment on, I found the ideal motivation for myself to combine my two favourite things, sport and being a model.

Bodybuilding changed my life and gave me a new purpose.

There is always something new to learn, new experiences to share and the chance to inspire people can make this planet different!

Where does your motivation come from?

My motivation comes from my desire to achieve my goals and see how far I can go, beyond my limits. It also comes from my family, as they are the reason I breathe and it is also one of my goals to assist them. My followers on social networks are also a source of motivation. The people I am in daily contact with to share my emotions and experiences is excellent. Having the chance to change someone's life for the better makes me very happy.

You decide what direction you want to take in your life and how you want to face your future. Don't let the negativity and/or circumstances around you dictate who you are and what you become. It's your life, choose wisely!

Which training routine has worked best for you?

I love working on circuits (super-series, tri-series and huge series). When I do these exercises my heart rate picks up, I feel active and I love working under the pressure of time.

Routine complete:

Monday - Legs / Abdominals

  • Squats with multipower five x twenty (super-series)
  • Diagonal stabs five x 20
  • Side squats on pulley (each leg) three x twenty (superseries)
  • 1 min (Skipping, running, etc.)
  • Five x twenty (super-series) leg extensions
  • Leg press five x 15
  • Touching the toe of the raised feet three times twenty (superseries) with the medicine ball
  • Crunch with three x 15" declined bench
  • 1 min Iron

Tuesday - Shoulders / Triceps

  • Shoulder press with four x ten dumbbells (superseries)
  • Military Press four x 10
  • Pulley standing birds four x ten (superseries)
  • Press Arnold three x 8
  • Three x eight (superseries) inclined pulley birds
  • Three x 10 triceps kick
  • Triceps extension with double string over the head three x fifteen (superseries)
  • Three x 10" narrow grip push-ups

Wednesday - Legs

  • Sitting leg curl five x fifteen (superseries)
  • 1 min uphill to a bank
  • Deceased weight five x twelve (superseries)
  • Lunge (each leg) five x 12
  • 4 x 10 leg press (superseries)
  • Four x 15 Twin Lift

Thursday - Back / Biceps / Abdominal

  • Riders with four x eight wide grip (superseries)
  • Rowing machine with 4 x 8 cable
  • Rowing with four x twelve inclined pulley (superseries)
  • Lat pulldowns/Jalon Frontal four x 12
  • Hyperextensions with medicine ball five x fifteen (superseries)
  • Good morning, five x 15.
  • Alternate curl with four x eight dumbbells (superseries)
  • Curl with Z bar four x 12
  • Curl with four x ten cable (superseries)
  • Elevation of legs hanging three x 15
  • Russian turns inclined three x fifteen (superseries)
  • Abdominal Crunch three x 15

Friday - Chest / Shoulder / Buttocks

  • Press bench inclined with four x twelve dumbbells (superseries)
  • Cross pulley foot pulley four x 12
  • Side lifts with eight x eight dumbbells (superseries)
  • Donkey kick with four x 15 pulley
  • Cross strides back face four x twelve (superseries)
  • Five x 15 multipower strides
  • Buttock bridge four x twelve (superseries)
  • Buttock kick on multipower four x 12

Saturday - Rest Day

Sunday - Cardio

45 minutes of cardio session

If you had to choose only three exercises, what would they be and why?

Deceased weight with stiff legs? It is ideal for strengthening the back of the leg and also exercises the hamstrings.

Press Arnold - It has helped me to gain some size in my deltoids. It's really a huge compound exercise.

Strides - This exercise can be done anywhere and has also been very helpful in getting my quadriceps and hamstrings.

What is your diet?

Meal 1: four egg whites, 1 egg, 1/2 cup oatmeal, mixed berries, flaxseed oil and asparagus

Meal 2: 115 grams of salmon, broccoli and sweet potato

Meal 3: Tuna, 1/3 cup brown rice, spinach and grapefruit

Meal 4: One hundred and fifteen grams of chicken, steamed vegetables and avocado

Meal 5: Egg whites, minced meat, Brussels sprouts and olive oil

Meal 6: 115 grams of white fish, asparagus, mixed salad and carrots

When trying to lose weight do you prefer to use HIIT or simply cardio normal?

I make a combination of the two. Some days I opt for cardio (Low Intensity) and others I do HIIT (High Intensity Training) sprints. But I prefer HIIT sprints because I find them more stimulating and enjoyable!

What is your supplementation?

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Capsi Blast (thermogenic / fat burner)
  • Gluta Blast (glutamine)
  • Amino Tren (BCAAs)
  • Concret (creatine)
  • Pump Extreme (Pre-training)

Your favorite date?

If you always and in all circumstances set limits on everything you do, physical or otherwise, they will blend into your work and your life. There are no limits, only barriers, and you shouldn't stop there, you should go there more?

Bruce Lee

Instagram: @anadfitness

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