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Interview with janet arias, the absolute champion of ifbb spain

Interview with janet arias, the absolute champion of ifbb spain
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How did you start out on the planet of sport and fitness?

Because of my work schedule at that moment I had no room to return home and at lunch time I went to the gym, I started to continue, through social networks, girls who competed and I dreamed of reaching that physical state and being able to climb a platform.

Interview with janet arias, the absolute champion of ifbb spain

How do you think it’s your greatest achievement so far? the moment you’re most proud of?

On a personal level, my greatest achievement has been to improve every day physically and mentally without losing the illusion and that has led me to become the absolute champion of Spain. I am proud of my perseverance and constancy for the fact that every time ¨he tropezado¨ I have risen and continued to pursue my goal.

What’s your workout routine?

My daily routine consists of 2 parts, the cardiovascular part (bicycle, treadmill, elliptical?) to which I devote an hour or so and the one part of muscle work in the room (squats, weights, machines?).

What are your 3 favorite exercises? For what reason?

What I like most about training is gluteus, shoulder and femoral. I like these muscle groups because the results are perceptible in a short time and motivate me.

What’s your favorite thistle training?

None, hahaha?but if I have to select I would affirm that to go up and down the stairs of the PRETORIAN (gym where I train).

What is your diet?

My diet is very balanced, lots of vegetables, source of protein, carbohydrates, vitamin supplements and sometimes a whim (very sometimes), depends on whether I’m in competition season or not, certain foods are limited such as dairy products, very sugary fruits, etc …

Interview with janet arias, the absolute champion of ifbb spain

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get started?

PATIENCE!!! This sport is a long-distance race, the rush does not bring anything good and the results must go little by little and above all, enjoy the road.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

The limits are only in your psyche, that prayer was said by a person I admire a lot, Cristina Pajares champion of the Planet of Biquini Fitness.

How do you handle incidents or bad days?

My best support for those most difficult days is at home, with the help of my partner, Antonio Acantilado, who is also a contender being considerably simpler by the fact that he understands me perfectly.

Do you make mistakes when you started training?

I did insesateces haha, poorly executed exercises, excess weight … it is essential to have a good trainer nearby to guide you in training suitable for your goal, in a case like this I am fortunate to have the best, Jesus Ruiz Jimenez (Team Pretorian) Give 3 health tips that people can incorporate right now: Drink plenty of water, eat 5 times a day in a balanced way and practice daily exercise.

What would be your best tips for getting in shape and losing those last few pounds?

The most essential thing is the reduction of processed foods (industrial pastries, fried foods, etc?), not to abuse carbonated beverages and to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Interview with janet arias, the absolute champion of ifbb spain

What was your most enjoyable moment at the gym?

There are many, but I remember something anecdotal that was very ¨divertido¨, after skipping the diet, my trainer hooked me a dumbbell at the waist and made me go up and down the stairs as punishment while everyone laughed at me, including me.

Where does your motivation come from?

I believe that motivation must come from oneself and not depend on anything or anyone at all to achieve your goals.

What are your favorite fitness models? Do you have someone to inspire you?

The girls of the countries of the East are a referent in these instants by their present achievements, but the one that really inspires me is one of Spain, Cristina Pajares, it began from below and little by little it has been fulfilling its goals until arriving as much high, thanks to her, the day of today I can say that the dreams become reality.

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