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Interview with the Brazilian goddess of fitness and model: bella falconi

Interview with the Brazilian goddess of fitness and model: bella falconi
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About Bella:

  • Age: 28
  • Height: one hundred fifty-eight cm
  • Weight: fifty-two kg

How would you explain your transformation?

In order to delimit my transformation I would first define my preceding way of life, my words would be: junk food, lack of commitment, low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. I used to make up apologies, to justify why I wasn’t fighting my goals when it came to a health issue. She generally stated that she was too exhausted to go to the gym and that the regimens were for outgoing people.

Interview with the Brazilian goddess of fitness and model: bella falconi

When the moment came when I was ready to totally convert my life and also go face to face with my dreams, I knew that it was going to be a very difficult challenge, but I was determined to achieve it. It was pretty hard at first when I had to get used to my new schedule and wake up at five am.

It is true that I was exhausted at the end of the day, due to my work that required a lot of reading and mental activity. But I never let it be an apology.

What’s your life now after the change?

He wants me like he’s never done before. I realized that self-esteem and self-esteem have opened many doors in my life both professionally and personally. I became a stronger human and found inner peace.

Being able to assist others through my transformation has no cost and is a thing that I have clearly adopted as a life mission.

What motivates you to move forward?

Everything I’ve achieved. When I look back and see the obstacles I’ve overcome and the incredible progress I’ve made, I really don’t feel like giving up, even when I’m exhausted. I try to motivate myself by thinking how much I would regret it if I didn’t train or eat properly. Laziness and temptations disappear. We cannot focus our attention on that, but rather we must focus on achievements in the long term. I’m never satisfied.

I can’t afford to be in a comfort zone. I always and in every moment I look for improvements and I know that always and in every moment there is something to learn, to add and to progress.

Interview with the Brazilian goddess of fitness and model: bella falconi

What is your current training philosophy?

I focus on hypertrophy. Slow movements, fewer repetitions, and more weight. Concentrated movements and two superseries. I always and always like to change clips and angles, every week.

Complete routine:

Monday: Cuádriceps

  • Leg press four × 12
  • Leg extensions four × 12
  • Four × 12 squats
  • Four strides × 12
  • Leg extensions on pulley four × 12
  • Press jaca four × 12

Tuesday: Back / Biceps

  • Seated row three × 10
  • Lat Pull Down / Frontal pull three × 10
  • Rowing with cable three × 10
  • Bicep curl with three × 10 bar
  • Hammer curl three × 10
  • Alternate bicep curl with dumbbells three × 10

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Buttocks / Ischiotibials

  • Donkey kick four × 12
  • Curl of legs four × 12
  • Bulgarian squat four × twelve (each leg)
  • Squats sumo four × 12
  • Kettlebell Swing four × 12
  • Deceased weight four × 12

Friday: Shoulders / Triceps

  • Shoulder press three × 10
  • Press Arnold three × 10
  • Side lifts with dumbbells three × 10
  • Front dumbbell lifts three × 10
  • Triceps with pulley three × 10
  • Three × 10 funds
  • Triceps Press three × 10

Note: I do crunches three to four times a week. I generally do these exercises in the breaks of the above routines with three sets of fifteen reiterations and three to four different exercises. I consider cardio vital, I do it six times a week, either after or before training for thirty minutes. I used to do a lot of HIIT but more recently I’m focused on the tilt tape and the elliptical tape. This has helped me a lot with the strengthening of my legs and buttocks.

What’s your cardiovascular workout?

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve been making a lot of inclined and elliptical tape. On the elliptical machine I like to squat. They burn a lot of calories and walk really well to strengthen legs and buttocks.

What’s your focus on food?

I’m passionate about food. I even went to the food institute to learn more. I realized that food is truly the science that changes everything when we know how to use it properly.

I never call my way of eating a “diet,” but rather a “lifestyle. I eat super clean and try to hold my trap meals 1 to 2 times a week.

What’s your diet?

  • Meal 1: two slices of bread (low sodium) with two tablespoons of almond butter, six egg whites and 1 scoop of whey protein.
  • Meal 2: 1 sweet potato, 10 asparagus and 140 grams of chicken breast.
  • Meal 3: 1/4 cup quinoa, 1 salmon fillet and salad
  • Food 4: one hundred and thirteen grams of turkey, 1 sweet potato and ten asparagus.
  • Meal 5: Six-egg tortilla, two low-sodium turkey breast slices, cherry tomatoes, onion and broccoli
  • Meal 6: eighty grams of popcorn and two scoops of whey protein

What has been your greatest achievement in the field of dexterity?

I think other people’s life change is my greatest achievement. Nothing else can be as rewarding as that.

Interview with the Brazilian goddess of fitness and model: bella falconi

I have proven to myself my grandiosity and how much my body can do, when I am able to supervise my psyche to achieve my goals.

What are your three best tips for those seeking to reach their goal?

  • Believe in your potential.
  • Be patient
  • Eat according to your goals and remember that without care there are no results. If you want to have the body you’ve never had, you must do things you’ve never done.

Your favorite date?

“If your psyche tells you it can’t, fight it. Don’t let me stop you. Let the voice of your conscious being speak louder than anything else that lives in you. Nothing can stop you, nothing can stop you, if you think that always and at all times there is a stronger side that makes your voice so loud that you no longer hear the sickly state of the psyche?

Bella Falconi

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