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Is it better to lift more weight or do more repetitions?

Is it better to lift more weight or do more repetitions?
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Which procedure is more effective when it comes to increasing and strengthening your muscles? is it more worthwhile to make an effort to lift more weight, or is it better to reduce it a little and do more repetitions? Before going any further, it is essential to know that if we want to improve our sporting objectives, we cannot always train in the same way in all circumstances. Therefore, we are going to have to incorporate one or both of these changes.

If we always and at all times lifted exactly the same amount of weight and also did exactly the same number of repetitions in each and every exercise our body would end up getting used to it, reaching a sort of ceiling. It is the way you tell us that you are sufficiently trained to do what we ask you to do, that it does not cost you any care and that, consequently, it will not bring you any auxiliary changes. While achieving this is good news, since it means that our body has gained a resistance it did not have, we cannot just stand there. And this is where the alterations of exercise come in among those who always and in every circumstance hesitate those of us who work the force: more weight or more reiterations?

In reality, both changes are precise, but they are useful for working differently and depend on the situation of each person. Let’s see what the reason is.

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Lift more weight

It is very simple: if we want to be able to lift more weight, we must try to lift a little more than we are used to. No matter how many repetitions we make, if what we want is to lift ten instead of five, we will have to progressively get our muscles used to being able to lift more and more weight.

It is essential that we do not force our bodies, since it is simple to suffer muscle and joint injuries when we are not careful when doing exercises of this kind. It is therefore advisable not to add too much weight at once. We must go with a little bit of calm, no rush. As far as reiterations are concerned, we can allow ourselves to become less than we usually do if we lift more weight, as we will be working on another kind of resistance. Once our body has become accustomed to it, we will move on to the next step, which is just a return to the first: to uninhabit our system again so that it can continue to improve.

Make more repetitions

When your body feels comfortable lifting more weight you will be back on that roof again, on that barrier that will no longer let you thrive if you don’t make changes in your training. Instead of going back to increasing the weight you can lift, this time try to do more repetitions with the weight you lift. Consider that this cycle can last as long as you want or can, so when you achieve this new goal feel free to increase your weight again.

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Doing more reiterations also helps you get stronger, only it does it in a different way than increasing your weight. You develop muscle strengthening and your skills to better cope with fatigue. In addition to this, the quality of your muscles improves over the long term, and practicing a high intensity activity causes you to burn more calories and fat.

The increase in repetitions should not always and at all times be preceded by weight gain, but you can decide to work with what we have mentioned without lifting more than what you were lifting before. In fact, a great way to work with the technique of weight lifting, muscle strengthening and increased endurance is to lift a little less weight than we are used to and do more repetitions. This helps us to focus more on each and every movement and to have to bear the weights longer. This will help you avoid present and future injuries and make it easier for you to lift more weight later on.

Even so, we do not advise exceeding sixteen repetitions. That is, if with an”X” weight you used to do eight-twelve repetitions and it is becoming simpler and simpler for you, increase the repetitions to sixteen. But once sixteen repetitions seem to you simple, the weight increases a little. He thinks that the ideal range of reiterations for hypertrophy is six-twelve reiterations.

Alternate the 2 things

We have talked about the importance of moving forward little by little and, really, that is the key to the issue. You will see that the more you can lift the more weight, the easier it will be to work with the increase in repetitions and vice versa. The best advice for strength training is to take it easy. There is no hurry, the objectives are infinite and everything comes when you pursue them with perseverance and care. Go ahead!

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