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Keys to exercising outdoors in hot weather

Keys to exercising outdoors in hot weather
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The rise in temperatures, typical of the summer, is not an excuse to stop practicing your favorite sport. Running, biking or playing a game of paddle continue to be the ideal way to hold yourself in top form. Don’t give up exercising outdoors when the heat squeezes, but do it following these tips.

Keys to exercising outdoors in hot weather

Just as you protect yourself from the cold of winter, when you do sport in summer it is also essential to adapt your physical activity to the weather conditions. When the thermometer ?smokes?, you must take the necessary precautions to avoid that something as healthy as practicing exercise ends up having bad consequences.

The suffocating heat causes the anatomical temperature itself to rise even more during sport, accelerating the heart rate and also increasing the peripheral blood circulation. Cramps, dizziness, heatstroke or dangerous heatstroke can result from exercising outdoors at high temperatures if we do not apply precautionary measures to prevent it.

How to practice outdoor sports in hot weather

Do you want to exercise in hotter weather? You shouldn’t give up on the physical exercise you do frequently. With the advent of heat, you simply need to adjust it to the new conditions to safely enjoy outdoor exercise.

1. Decide when and where

It is a measure of the feet on the ground that we sometimes forget in our yearning to exercise, perhaps, in that only time we have free. With a sun of justice and at 40 degrees, it is simply reckless to go running at noon. Exercising very hot requires you to choose the right time and place.

Keys to exercising outdoors in hot weather

It is always preferable to exercise early in the morning or late in the afternoon, better in a shady place or at least where clean air arrives, for example running in a park or riding a bicycle along a sea road where you can appreciate the sea breeze.

2. Reduces exercise intensity

The high temperatures are not the ideal condition to try to beat your marks. Doing sports outdoors with heat is possible, but always and at all times without forcing your body to the limit. In this situation, you must take special care to supervise the rhythm of your exercise, opting for a softer one than you can continue in winter.

In addition, it is essential to pay attention to signs that something is wrong. Measure your care and remember that any sensation of dizziness or discomfort demands that you stop the activity immediately and find a cool place to recover.

3. Diet and also hydration

They are basic all year round but with the arrival of heat, even more. Exercise in summer leads to increased sweating and loss of fluids and mineral salts. Drinking enough water is essential for outdoor sports with high temperatures. Hydrate before, during and after exercise, always and in all circumstances by drinking moderate amounts of liquid more frequently. In this way, with good hydration you will help maintain the anatomical temperature at the right levels, avoiding the danger of dehydration and its consequences.

A light diet, rich in water, vitamins and minerals is also essential for summer sports. Fruits such as melon or watermelon, vegetables, soups and cold creams such as gazpacho? Your diet should respond to the specific needs of your body in the hottest season of the year. Avoid alcoholic beverages and excess fat.

Keys to exercising outdoors in hot weather

3. Convenient clothing and sun protection

Good equipment is your best ally when exercising in hot weather. Choose lightweight garments that leave unbeatable perspiration and that are preferably in light shades, as they concentrate the action of the sun’s rays to a lesser extent.

Always and at all times wear the head covered with a visor and do not forget the importance of applying a good cream with high sun protection, even on cloudy days, by the fact that only in this way avoid burns.

4. Enjoy the water

Water sports are going to be your great ally to exercise when it’s hot. Swimming, aquagym, surfing, paddle surfing, canoeing, windsurfing? If it’s hot, there’s nothing better than combining the sport you practice all year round with other activities that give you the chance to take a good dip. In this way, you’re going to do a most desirable cross-training.

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