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Keys to surviving your first crossfit class.

Keys to surviving your first crossfit class.
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Keys to surviving your first crossfit class.

Do you want to sign up for the crossfit fashion? If you are going to attend your first Crossfit class, you should know that it is one of the trend trainings that will help you to tone your body to the limit and get in shape one hundred percent. This is one of the most popular methods nowadays and the exercises that Crossfit training includes are based on exercising the body to the limit with intense sessions where the purpose is clear: to work your muscles and remove localized fat.

While it’s true that any planet you want can crossfit for the first time, it’s also true that at the beginning it can be really overwhelming and complicated to continue, besides this you’re going to have a lot of aches and pains! Therefore, we are going to give you a series of keys to subsist to your first class of Crossfit and that you can continue with this exciting training.

6 tips for making crossfit for the first time

If you want to start making crossfit you must know that there are a series of tips and aspects to take into consideration to avoid that the first class is frustrating. Keep in mind that this is a very intensive and demanding training procedure, so it’s not going to be simple! But you shouldn’t sue yourself too much for the fact that you could damage your body or, worse yet, injure yourself.

Therefore, now we are going to give you some better keys to subsist to your first crossfit class and enjoy this new training.

Keys to surviving your first crossfit class.

1. Quality is more essential than intensity in the crossfit

It is essential that you keep in mind that it is essential to do the Crossfit exercises well. In the beginning it will be difficult to continue the pace, so try to focus on learning the proper methodology to avoid bad training and run the risk of harm. Therefore, before incorporating more intensity or weight, make sure that you do the exercise properly.

2. Do not take weight on the first of the crossfit days.

Another essential advice for your first Crossfit class is to avoid gaining weight on the first of the days and, in this way, start controlling the technique well. When you have mastered it well, you will be able to put in weight and start to make your muscles work to the limit, little by little! Whether your goal is to lose weight quickly by making crossfit such as if it is to strengthen, consider that, if you do not do well the exercise and gain weight, you could injure the muscle or cause pain in the body, therefore, do not be in a hurry and enjoy learning.

3. Don’t be in a hurry

We finish saying it but we repeat it again: do not be in a hurry to make crossfit. It is a training and, as such, has a period of learning and knowledge of the technique. Give yourself time to overcome the first days of Crossfit and get used to both the demand level of the exercises and the training routines. Go little by little and, progressively, you will be able to increase the intensity of each exercise.

4. Warm up even before the crossfit class

If you spend a few minutes warming up for normal exercise, then crossfit for all the more reason! After your first Crossfit class, think of it as an extreme and also intense training and, therefore, you will have to warm up your body before you undergo the physical preparation routine. Both at the beginning and at the end of the session it is advisable to stretch your muscles and warm up your body to avoid future injuries or illnesses.

Keys to surviving your first crossfit class.

5. Don’t be afraid!

We know that, most often, after your first crossfit class you get scared and think that’s not for you. However, think that you should go little by little and adjust the level of demand progressively, without forcing more without stopping. Consider that the whole planet in that class was one day on your skin: starting! So don’t get stressed and go slowly learning the technique and improving.

6. Eat something before you go to class.

It is absolutely counterproductive to go crossfit on an empty stomach or without having eaten in many hours. The best thing is that you take care of your nutrition from the first moment, that you are well nourished and that, one hour before the training, you have eaten some dried fruit or proteins.

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