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Know all the benefits of group running

Know all the benefits of group running
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Know all the benefits of group running

Group running is more trendy than ever. If running always and at all times is healthy and satisfying, doing it in company can make you enjoy even more with exercise and better your brands. The benefits of group running will surprise you!

Burn fat, strengthen your muscles, relieve stress? These are just some good things that you know running brings you and that you can get by running at your own pace, but there is no doubt that running with other people, who share your hobby, is an extra motivation.

More and more people are joining a group to run and if this is your idea, remember that it is ideal to join one formed by runners of a level similar to yours in order to achieve all the advantages of running in a group. If, in addition to this, you have a monitor or a specialist runner who can guide the whole on how to get the most out of the training set, perfect.

What are the advantages of group running?

Exercising and also developing a rewarding social activity is one of the main advantages of running with other people, which you may already know or perhaps no longer end up becoming new friends. Intense sport is not at odds with social relationships. Sharing anecdotes about your running experiences, commenting on new equipment and material, or sharing doubts about any aspect of running (stride, breathing, the best diet…) is something that you will probably only be able to do by running together.

Know all the benefits of group running

In addition, if you doubt between training alone or accompanied, other benefits, both physical and psychic, of running in group are:

Mutual encouragement for further improvement

In those moments in which the desire to throw in the towel appears, to begin to run in a set that “sweats the shirt” with you, is always and at all times the best of the reinforcements. You’re also going to be the one to encourage, at any given moment, a weak companion, something that, for sure, is going to make you feel really good.

Improved performance

There are many trainers who assert that by running with other people, performance increases, because the desire to equal, and if possible overcome, the level of the whole is an essential extra incentive. We could say that these “bites” between runners are the healthiest and increase the level of self demand in each and every one of the members of the group.


One of the benefits of running with a partner is that it will cost you more to locate an apology for missing your appointment with the whole. Running requires perseverance and, if you have arranged with your outfit to run once a week, even if it gives you some vagrancy, you will beat it thinking about your commitment to your classmates. In short, the whole is one more incentive to get going.

Know all the benefits of group running


For some people, it’s the main advantage of group running. The fact that they do not feel like solitary runners, who can in a given instant feel physically bad or suffer any accident or injury, gives them calm and makes them run more at ease and more focused on sport.

Shared tests and challenges

One of the attractions of being part of a group of running entrenched in the moment of running, is being able to do different tests to compete among you. It’s entertaining, it’s an ideal high-intensity training for your running technique to thrive, and it’s also a great way to see how the overall level is progressing, as well as your own. The races between the members of the team always and at all times are an extra motivation and a way to prepare for future competitions in which you can participate.

Running together is not incompatible with the option to train on your own. Many runners do this kind of training together once or twice a week, alternating it with the days they dedicate to exercising on their own. If you dare to try, you will see that running together is the most advantageous.

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