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Although in many occasions we only refer to the twin, the pain of twins and alone is very frequent after doing sports such as running or cycling, apart from other sports in which we must run (football, basketball, rugby, tennis, handball, etc.). To reduce these pains and avoid overloads, stiffness or other possible injuries that may occur in the short or medium term, it is essential to continue a routine to relax the twins after exercising and thus avoid any accident.

Don't stop at nothing

The first thing you need to know is that finishing our training suddenly can lead to overloading the twins. Depending on the kind of sport you play, such as running, you should relax in one way or another. To give you an example, if you've been riding your bike, you should ride about 40 minutes on flat ground at a gentle pace to release twins; if you've been running you can finish the training with about five or ten minutes of very gentle jogging to which you'll add another five or ten minutes of stretching the twins and soles.

The stretches

A good stretching session is essential to relax after practicing sports, but you have to know how to do it. Among the most frequent exercises for stretching twins and soles are to lean on a tree or wall, moving one leg forward and flexing it while the other one is absolutely straight behind, to raise the toes with the leg stretched out or, if we have the help of a partner, to lie face down with one leg flexing while the partner presses the tip of the foot face down.

If you have a step at hand, you can also use it to stretch. The exercise consists of supporting half a foot - from the center to the toe -, leaving the heel and the other foot in the air. Raise the toe of your foot slightly, always and in all circumstances, on the step, taking care not to fall. Needless to say, even if you appreciate one twin that is more loaded or tense than another, you should always stretch the twins of both legs, both before training and afterward to relax. In the loaded leg you can do it with a little more intensity.

Cold or hot?

Another frequently asked question is whether it is better to apply cold or heat to loaded or tense twins. A very interesting alternative after practicing sports is to immerse your legs in a can of water with ice, in a few minutes you will appreciate an enormous improvement. The ice can is one of the most effective antidotes to relaxing twins after training, but it is not available to everyone. You can do something similar in the bathtub, but you can also apply ice for about fifteen minutes in the area where you appreciate the overload to relax twins.

It is also very interesting to go to a spa or a Roman bath where we can take advantage of the hot-cold effect, which will help us to encourage circulation, helping muscle relaxation. You can simulate these conditions with the shower at home, playing with the water temperature. Another alternative when encouraging circulation to promote muscle restoration is the use of compression stockings or calf pads, which help prevent overloads in the soleus area.

The massage

If you can go to the physio after training, take advantage of it to get your soleus and calves unloaded, it may be the best way to relax these muscles effectively and prosper your well-being. You can also self-massage the area, even if it is using devices such as foam roll, as recently as with your hands. The only thing you need to be clear about is that if the overload is really strong, it is best to rest and not stretch or massage too hard, as you may end up with an injury.

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