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If we talk about spinning shoes, it is unavoidable not to refer to the well-known SPD shoes. Shimano presented this technology, which revolutionised the industry of sports products and accessories for cycling, 27 years ago.

This is a system of pedals that, in sync with a pair of sports shoes designed only to fit these pedals, achieve an effective and efficient transmission of power, giving a comfortable and high performance sports practice.

A lot of water has run under the bridge since then. Spinning, as a massive sport, was not yet on the horizon. Of course, we couldn't talk about the term spinning shoes, because they were designed for the practice of other cycling modalities.

However, the truth is that today, as I warned in one of my recent articles, the use of spinning shoes or SPD shoes has many advantages for athletes and for the achievement of their goals.

Well, about the benefits that the SPD - Shimano Pedaling Dynamics? shoe offers throughout the practice of spinning, I will try my entry today. Let's start by understanding why it is essential to use SPD shoes for spinning. Let's see:

Spinning shoes - why use SPD shoes?

In the practice of path cycling, track cycling or any of its variations, among which we can mention spinning, contact and the way in which the foot is attached to the pedal, is of capital importance in the results achieved by the athlete.

The use of SPD shoes guarantees that every time you support your foot, it always adopts exactly the same situation at all times. This is particularly important if you bear in mind that every time you start a sports session, changing the situation of the foot, you can suffer injuries and pain, not at all recommended.

This is one of the main advantages you can get by using spinning shoes, which use SPD technology. But there are many more. Let's see the main advantages of wearing SPD shoes for spinning.

Advantages of wearing spinning shoes

  • SPD shoes have rigid soles

Sports shoes designed for the practice of other sports, such as football, basketball or athletics, require flexibility in the sole. But the runners, and of course, the spinning enthusiasts, have other needs.

A sturdy sole increases the ability to transfer power when pedalling. This way, less force is needed to achieve a fast and incessant pedalling. You will feel comfortable and have more balance on your bike, especially when you get up from your saddle to pedal standing up.

  • Your feet will always be in exactly the same position at all times.

As you move forward with your exercise routine, your foot will preserve its position on the pedal. The foot will not move forward or backward, and you will only have to worry about following your instructor's instructions.

  • If your feet feel comfortable you'll be happy

Although the spinning shoes will not fit you to walk comfortably, they will make your sports experience rewarding and exquisite. Your feet, they'll appreciate the mesh tarp that gives ventilation.

But that's not all. The interior space is sufficient so that when your toes are full, as a result of the exercise, they do not feel tight or rub against the shoe. However, the heel adjustment is precise enough to prevent the foot from slipping or moving inappropriately.

  • You can pedal more smoothly on the way up

When you start wearing spinning shoes, you'll find it's considerably easier to pedal through the entire ascent simulation. As a result, you will release pressure from the quadriceps muscle, causing the hamstrings to exercise.

In fact, apart from spinning, if you ride a bike on mountain roads, you'll appreciate that just by pedalling gently, you'll be able to climb up quickly, without any great care.

  • SPD shoes have no laces

One of the main drawbacks of another type of sports shoe for runners is that the laces get stuck in the chain or in a bicycle mechanism.

If you use spinning shoes, equipped with SPD technology, you do not have to worry about this inconvenience. They are fitted with an effective Velcro system, which, among many other advantages, is lighter than laces.

Spinning shoes - What are coves and what is their relevance?

A large part of the responsibility for the advantages of these shoes must be attributed to the cleat system... What are cleats and what is their relevance?... let's see:

The cleats are metal pieces, which have been set in the sole of the shoe, and which run like an anchoring system that fits perfectly in another equivalent piece, but inverse installed on the pedal.

Sure, if you've never worn SPD shoes before, the first time you'll have to ask certain questions about how to put them on the pedal. Generally, you will find that there are 2 possible situations. One later and one later.

You will soon notice that, depending on the situation, you have a greater care in the twin muscles, but also a greater or lesser mobility of the foot.

The SPD shoes are the result of a technological development that aims to put science at the service of the high performance athlete. However, you can also take advantage of this amazing product, prosper your goals and surpass your results throughout the spinning practice, wearing SPD shoes.

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