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Light refreshments, are they really that light?

Light refreshments, are they really that light?
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We thought we knew everything about the light foods that exist in the market that must have a reduction of thirty percent in its energy value according to current legislation, but the Consumer Services of the Junta de AndalucĂ­a are controlling these products called light and it has been proven that light soft drinks are not as light as they claim.

Light refreshments, are they really that light?

Nine samples of soft drinks were examined to examine the alcoholic strength, sugars, sweeteners and fat and contrast these data with the name of light and what is declared on the label, which is the only information to which the consumer has access. The results sadly prove that 3 of the beverages analyzed did not have fewer calories than they should have because they were light.

Light products normally have a higher price justified by their healthier character to have lower energy value, less fat and / or sugars. However, light refreshments are not so light but even so are expensive and are called as if they were, confusing the consumer.

This kind of control campaigns are extremely useful to protect the consumer and to validate the information offered to us.

For the moment, what we must do is reduce the use of these products that most of the cases are not precise, but also we can contrast the calories that has the light product that we want to consume with another product not light of the same brand, and there we will know if it really is a food with reduced calories or if on the contrary, they are called light without really being so.

We must put all these kinds of products under the microscope before we certainly consume them and not rely blindly on the energy reduction they claim.

Light refreshments, are they really that light?

Light diet sodas: yes or no

When we are on a diet, it is very common to occupy our fridge with the well-known “light” products, that is to say, lower calorie versions of other products that exist on the market and that allow us to indulge ourselves sometimes.

However, we must bear in mind that light products, although they have fewer calories than “normal” ones, continue to be products that usually offer too many sugars, fats or chemicals. And this is exactly what happens with diet drinks or zero sodas. Although they are alternative options that have 0 calories, they are not healthy for the organism, consequently, we should not abuse them.

Many people think that by the fact that a product is light, this product is already healthier or well suited to include in our diet. But this is a myth that we must banish from NOW. The soft drinks light, although they have no calories, have a very, very large amount of sweeteners, that is, a chemical that is added to the product that is free of calories but infested with components that are not advantageous for our body.

Therefore, if you were thinking of crowding your diet with ligth sodas, the first thing you should know is that this is not a good option. It is much healthier for you to prepare purifying and nutritious drinks such as, for example, shakes of vegetables and fruits (the very well-known “detox juices”) or to include infusions in your every day.

Light refreshments, are they really that light?

Light refreshments are a product that should be taken on an occasional basis, as a whim. Taking them daily in our diet is a practice that, over time, can unbalance our health. The chemicals and toxins provided by these drinks can increase the danger of suffering from diseases such as diabetes, which can cause… Don’t expose yourself!

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