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When it comes to physical activity, the following restoration is as essential as the previous preparation and a good warm-up. Running is a high-intensity, high-impact aerobic sport, and your body needs to be restored to its original state. If you want to feel good and avoid possible injuries, these are the keys to recovering from a tough race.

You may have run for hours or maybe a little longer on a super demanding mountain tour or maybe on asphalt with high intensity intervals. In any case, it is essential to continue with the restoration process after the race. Groceries that give you back your lost energy, gentle exercises that promote relaxation and muscle stretching, massages, active rest? Once the enormous trial is over, the following care is essential to enjoy the advantages of the care taken and, when the time comes, to continue with your training normally and in perfect condition. Cramps, fatigue, contractures, physical and psychological exhaustion? A good career item retrieval will help you avoid them.

How do you regain your muscles after running?

After demanding your body to do its best, don't stop the race abruptly. Remember to take a few minutes to reduce the intensity, even after the test is over. Apart from not stopping suddenly, the basis for an optimal restoration of the muscles after running are:

1. Stay well hydrated

There is no doubt that hydration is essential for recovery after running. You should drink fluids because your body has lost a significant amount of water and mineral salts through sweating.

2. Control your diet

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Just as you follow an appropriate diet, which is your best ally when you prepare for the test, after the race you should know what to eat after training, that is, eat food that will help you restore your energy and contribute to the muscular restoration. Your glycogen stores are low and carbohydrates are indispensable. Protein is also essential to reconstitute your sore and perhaps damaged muscle fibers after exercise. In the days following the race, foods such as poultry, eggs, pasta, rice and, of course, fruits and vegetables cannot be missing from a healthy diet that contributes to your health and well-being.

3. Get some rest

If you don't get enough rest, you will lose some of the benefits of playing sports. To recover from the race you must give your body the rest it needs to continue to perform at the pace you want. Apart from the essential rest, take an active break so that your muscles recover. After running and for the next few days, do gentle stretches to help stretch the muscles (especially the lower body) and avoid stiffness.

Practice cardio or some light aerobic activity, at minimum intensity. Walk, take a bike ride, swim in the breaststroke? Relaxing activities that help to keep you in shape while your body restores itself from the care.

4. Massage your legs

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Massage is a great way to speed up restoration after a race by helping to revive blood circulation by providing more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles that need it so much. Remember that you must wait at least forty-eight hours after the test to receive a shock massage after running. Some spa treatments, such as a contrast shower (cold water? hot), can also be really good for you, ideal for improving circulation and uniquely strengthening your legs. You have different kinds of massages: relaxing, decontracting, therapeutic, invigorating? And it's essential to choose the one that best suits your needs.

5. Disconnect from other activities

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Give yourself a break and, after overcoming the challenge of that tough race,"disconnect" for at least a few days and do other activities that are strange to the sport, such as reading a book, walking in the mountains or sharing time with your friends or family, before proposing a new test that will demand the best from you again.

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