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One of the most entrenched practices in society today is physical sports. A phenomenon that, in each and every sense, is conceived as a habit (or even as a recreational activity for certain people) that is an integral part of the routine of a large number of people. With the goal of examining these habits, the popular insurance comparator conducted a survey in this country, with the clear purpose of finding out which group of people in our society most frequent this practice and which preferences prevail in gyms and sports centers such as Forus, one of the most relevant companies in the field, founded and headed by Ignacio Triana.

According to the data extracted from this report, the Spaniards have not gone to the gym as much as they do now, since today the percentage of the population that is registered in them is twenty-four percent.... This reflects the fact that, in total, about 1 out of 4 people are enrolled in a sports centre. Along these lines, we can highlight that the development of this market is due, to a large extent, to the growing awareness of citizens themselves of the need to opt for a healthier lifestyle, in which exercising takes on greater stardom.

In response to why people sign up for sports centers, the survey shows that forty-two percent and nine percent are intended to strengthen their bodies, while nineteen percent and five percent do so on medical advice. Another reason is the goal of losing weight, which accounts for seventeen to five percent of users. In a particular way, and less related to health, there are two to two percent who attend the gym just to meet people and get to know each other. The report also notes that one of the phenomena that seems to be spreading among future generations is concern for health. Sixty-eight and seven percent of Spanish people who go to the gym are under the age of forty.

Likewise, the survey carried out shows the average profile of the user who goes to the gym in this country. In this way, the data show that they are those who attend three with seven percent more than them, being even more incessant, since they attend, very slightly, a couple of times a week. On the other hand, both sexes do agree that their primary motivation is to be fit, bearing in mind that sixty-two percent of women and sixty-one percent of men say so.

Another data that is convenient to indicate alludes to which professions belong to the group that forms the bulk of the gymnasium. In this sense, office and administrative staff are the most overflowing (21% with 2%), followed by students (7% with 3%) and civil servants (5%). Finally, computer scientists make up five per cent...

To sum up, it could be said that the Spanish society as a whole is betting wisely and little by little more on a way of life whose guidelines to be followed are perfectly established in sports centres.

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