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More repetitions or more weight? the trick to burn more fat with weights

More repetitions or more weight? the trick to burn more fat with weights
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It is usually very normal that when we start in the gym, especially if we are not in shape or need to lose weight, we have doubts about what is best to do, but we do not have the courage to consult our monitor or personal trainer on how to do it. The truth is that misinformation is one of our worst opponents, because if we don’t know how to scorch grease with weights we may be doing our best in vain.

More repetitions or more weight? the trick to burn more fat with weights

If your goal is to lose weight, you’ll probably be interested to know if you need to do more repetitions or gain more weight during weight training. Keep reading to get out of doubt, now.

Keys to losing more fat in weight training

It’s true that if you start consulting or snooping around the Net, you’ll probably find a lot of different beliefs and theories about putting more weight or make more repetitions with weights, as contrary beliefs. The thing is, when you start doing weights on your own, you have to do it with the right weight, no more and no less, and also increase it as you progress through your exercises.

We have to take into consideration that, the more weight we involve in our exercises, the more muscle we are going to be creating and consequently, the more fat we are going to burn. However, if we want to put weight first, light repetitions are going to be what most increases fat burning. That’s why, although we are going to burn more fat in the instant with low intensity training, if we put more weight, in the long term we will be able to burn considerably more.

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More repetitions or more weight? the trick to burn more fat with weights

It’s clear that using weights is one of the most effective ways to lose fat; however, we need to know the technique for lifting weights well and know how to perform better in weight training so we don’t get shot in the butt. And it would be a pity if our care fell on deaf ears.

In order to make your fat burning more effective, it is not enough just to do a series, but we must have the strength we use under control and be aware of them. First of all, we are going to have to pay attention to the exercises we choose. If we do too many series of mono-articular movements we could fall into an inconvenience, especially if we use too many breast routines.

If you want your metabolism to be faster and result in greater weight loss, you must take into account that the exercises that cost the most are the ones that make you lose the most. In this way, working the muscles with more weight will be able to give us the keys to lose more fat. Besides this, if you do it this way, you won’t need to do so many series.

More repetitions or more weight? the trick to burn more fat with weights

Weight or repetitions: which is better to lose weight with weights?

By this we do not mean that you take more weight than indicated. The ideal way to burn fat with weights is to start little by little and also to increase in the sessions. Remember that if you abuse you can get hurt, and then you would not have the chance to lift weights or burn fat.

It should be noted that it is essential to combine diet and exercise to lose weight in a healthy way, since it is useless to kill yourself to lift weights in the gym if then you fill up with junk food and empty calories.

The loss of weight must be responsible and carry out an incessant exercise with the cooperation of a healthy diet. It is not necessary to kill ourselves of appetite, only to suppress that food that hurts us, that is enormously calorific and gives us nutrients.

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