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Move without limits and don’t worry about your clothes

Move without limits and don’t worry about your clothes
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We go for a run, we exercise, we move and lead an active life, but is the clothing we wear capable of continuing our activity one hundred percent

? It is

Move without limits and don't worry about your clothes

considerably simpler when good weather prevails and our days are full of heat and sun, in such a case the clothing is usually light to ensure breathability and comfort throughout the exercise.


new season is difficult to prevent, and that is why feelforfit is starting to inform and test those garments that can be the star acquisition for this autumn. As we do not want this sudden transformation of time to catch you by surprise, we have thought of giving you our ideal solution; a sports garment that has persuaded us from the first moment and that has us completely delirious, the Nike Sportwear Dynamic Reveal sports jacket.


ou can meditate that the whole planet has a jacket for those days when it begins to get cold, but in one case we could say that this traditional has undergone modifications that transform it into a work of sports engineering, which combines aerodynamic style with innovation and unique technology of the fabric

, if

you think of starting the new season with exercise and physical activity, where your afternoons or mornings are full of sport, here we specify everything you can bring this product!

The sensation of freedom, comfort and movement are the three adjectives that characterize this garment and are the first perceptions that you have when you exercise with it. The moment you put it on, the fibers automatically conform to your silhouette and adjust to your upper extremities in a very subtle but permanent way. At first you think that this adjustment in the arms can limit some more movement when you start you realize that this is the key to success.

Design with a vision for the future

Tech Knit and movement: With the priority of achieving maximum mobility in each and every exercise, Nike wanted to focus on perfectly designing the original part of most movement, the arms. As a result, the Dynamic Reveal jacket features the most innovative sleeves you can find. On observing them, one of the first things that came to mind was the skin of the armadillo, that curious animal of delineated bark and chamois

. For

what reason? For the fact that before any movement, the meticulous design of its sleeves opens and makes perceptible fine lines of highlightable color, creating a chromatic humiliation throughout the sleeve. After this beautiful visual effect, you notice in your skin, that it is this strange opening of the fabric the one in charge to be able to enjoy a range of movements without limits.


Move without limits and don't worry about your clothes

Knit and sweating: In addition to the fragile design of its sleeves, the Tech Knit fabric not only serves for greater mobility, but also leaves an uninterrupted ventilation while filtering out the cold inside.


will feel completely fresh and you will perceive in your skin, how the fabric really acts against sweat

. these

small panels that we have discussed are undoubtedly the most essential detail, but the latest technology from Nike

incorporates more things:

  • The micro mesh that form a soft dividing line in the sleeves are responsible for optimizing and achieving the maximum sensation of freshness and lightness where more precise.
  • The inverted V-shape of the cuffs is another detail to highlight, since it blocks the air inlet to your extremities in an incredible way. In addition to this thanks to this piece is achieved a perfect pressure creating an unbeatable pressure for each genre of wrist.
  • The central part of plastic fiber makes you feel lighter and protected against temperature and weather changes. If it starts to rain, this tissue will cause the drops to slide down your torso, leaving you feeling dry.
  • The neck is the union of each one of them of the preceding elements, so that the perfect adaptation of the whole set concludes at that point.
  • The back and the end of the jacket are designed with exactly the same idea as the cuffs. In order to avoid a possible air inlet, they finish off the back in a V-shape, placing more emphasis on the central part.

Regarding the accentuation of the silhouette, we must talk about its fantastic zipper. When closing the jacket, the lateral and central parts of the garment are fixed to your body, creating this way the stylization of your curves and the adaptation of the fabric to your figure. Thus, the erroneous thought of having to wear wide clothes when you do sport is put aside in order to achieve greater flexibility and comfort in movements.

A touch of colour

You will find this range of jackets in 3 genres of different colours. Our choice has been the combination of turquoise and yellow to give a more colorful and warm touch. But you’ll be able to locate it in black/white and blue/red, all designed to satisfy each and every taste. In addition to this exactly the same compilation is free for both women and men, so that absolutely no one is left without it!

These are certain details that have seemed more remarkable, but for us the best of this garment has been to be able to appreciate at all times where the feeling of freedom comes from in each and every one of the exercises, it is fabulous!

Move without limits and don't worry about your clothes
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