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Myths and truths to tone your body

Myths and truths to tone your body
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Most people think that in order to strengthen the body it is necessary to do many repetitions and few rests. Now we’ll explain why it’s not like this.

Myths and truths to tone your body

When a person speaks of strengthening, it refers to a firm, defined body. It tends to be a goal for men and women, but mostly for women.
Due to the means quite a few people mistakenly think that to achieve a well toned and defined body is necessary to make many repetitions and without resistance. Just as they do not have present cardiovascular activity and diet.

1. The myth of tonifying

Muscle toning is due to an increase in muscle tissue, such as a percentage of body fat low enough to show the definition of muscles.

So the muscles do not go from strong to flaccid or from flaccid to strong, but increase or decrease their size.

2. Strength training and fat loss

In order to achieve a toned body, it is necessary to train in strength and remove the layer of fat that covers the muscles.
Traditional resistance training does not give the desired toning results. As previously mentioned, it is not possible to achieve a toned body with many repetitions and little or no tension in the muscles.
In addition to this, it is necessary to reduce the calories in the diet in order to remove the subcutaneous anatomical fat (fat under the skin).

3. High intensity reiterations

Although the goal is to strengthen the body, it is necessary to increase muscle mass, working the muscles so that they change and thrive.

Myths and truths to tone your body

Doing the movements without resistance will bring little or no change because the muscle is not worked enough and therefore does not have the possibility to mold and change its current state.

In general when doing an exercise with resistance, fatigue is generated between reiteration eight and 12. This does not mean that it is not possible to reach reiteration thirteen, but if the number thirteen is reached, it means that the weight being used is deficient and more will have to be added. Not forgetting that after this exercise will have to include a cardiovascular training apart from strength.

4. The advantages of training

The strength and cardio trainings do not therefore have to be mutually exclusive. The benefits of both workouts can be achieved by burning fat directly and also indirectly:

  • Indirectly: The more muscle tissue is added through strength training, the higher the basal metabolic rate (resting metabolism). More total calories and fat will be burned at rest, which is a permanent solution for weight loss.
  • Directly: With large movements and short periods of rest, the cardiovascular rhythm is increased. Therefore you get exactly the same benefits and calorie burning as with traditional cardiovascular exercise.

For these 2 reasons it is essential to add weight training to lose weight.
If the training is properly designed, the advantages of resistance training such as cardio training can be achieved. Doing between 10 and 15 repetitions for most exercises and muscle groups, with short breaks of no more than thirty seconds between sets (to sustain the elevated heart level) and without fear of not being able to fill each and every repetition as before, while praise periods of rest are very short and do not leave time for muscle restoration.

Over time the body adapts to metabolic stress and is more effective in restoration, making it easier to lift more weight in less time.

Myths and truths to tone your body

5. Training circuit

The training circuit is a good option to achieve these objectives. Since it is a short and more efficient training, it guarantees a high and incessant heart rate.

Training in a circuit consists of working part of the body and also going directly to work a different one and this way consecutively. So that normally no pauses or breaks are contemplated, but in the case of needing a rest can only be made between exercise and exercise, never leave an exercise halfway.
In order to make a circuit properly it is necessary to be very concentrated and to avoid any distraction. But it generates a very high calorie burn, increases muscle strength and endurance and creates a toned appearance.

Large muscle groups such as the legs and back should also be taken into consideration when designing the training, so that they can be worked on individually and small muscle groups can be executed appropriately.

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