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Operation bikini according to justine moore

Operation bikini according to justine moore
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We’ve all been through that moment when you regret not having begun to get in shape before. During my career it has happened to me multiple times to perceive a phone call asking for a photo shoot with a time frame of a couple of weeks.

Operation bikini according to justine moore

Although you can’t drastically change your body in less than two weeks (nor should it be proven by the fact that it would be unhealthy) you can make a huge change in your appearance, even in just one week.

Here are some little “tricks of the trade” that can help you feel lighter, tighter and more fantastic in just seven-ten days!

Justine Moore’s best tips for getting to the beach ready:

1. Increase water intake. Our cells retain water when they don’t have enough. Drink at least two to three liters of water a day (I personally drink four, but this depends on your level of consumption and usual activity).

2. Don’t do extreme diet! While this might seem like the solution I promise you it’s not! Our bodies are intelligent, and under truly good nutrition it will make your body store more fat and use it as an energy source. In addition this will cause damage to your metabolism in the long term. You must eat to scorch!

3. Trim the food that causes the swelling. Go beyond processed foods ?? (if you can’t vocalize the ingredients on the label they are), starchy carbohydrates, salt, condiments and artificial sweeteners.

4. Eat foods with diuretic properties. Foods such as asparagus, lemon, celery, beet, parsley, cucumber and raw tomatoes all act as natural diuretics, assisting the body to remove water. Also potassium-rich foods such as bananas, avocados and leafy green vegetables such as spinach help the body lose weight of auxiliary water.

Operation bikini according to justine moore

5. Fill yourself up with protein and fiber. Again, I can’t emphasize enough, you must eat to burn! With that complete protein deposit such as chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, whole eggs and egg whites, iogur heleno, and high quality protein supplement. It is also essential to consume enough fibre, even though it is tempting to limit carbohydrates. In addition to fresh products and proteins, it can also be packed with quinoa, oats, brown rice, nuts and flax seeds rich in fibre.

6. Add certain HIIT sessions (high intensity interval training) or circuit training sessions into your routine. These training genres burn more fat and calories in less time, and also give a greater fat-burning effect, meaning your metabolism is held fast for a longer post-training blog. Not the slightest idea of where to start? Many gyms offer classes that incorporate HIIT such as spinning, kickboxing, training camps, etc.

seven. Sweat! If you can do certain “hot” yoga classes the week before an event, do it. Anyone who has done “hot” yoga will tell you that you come out feeling considerably lighter! Old school tricks such as wearing neoprene garments also work because wearing one through a hard training the week before an event will really help you flush the water out of your abdomen.

8. Sleep well! Not getting enough sleep can keep your body from losing fat. Sleep deprivation can also influence your energy levels throughout the day, causing you to do mediocre training. Closing your eyes shortly before a huge event or holiday will let you look and feel your best!

Operation bikini according to justine moore

nine. Exfoliate and get a tan. Remove dead cells from dry skin with a body brush with circular movements. This will not only give you shiny skin, but also promotes better circulation that can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Now, get a good tan. The whole planet looks thinner tanned!

ten. To finish, but no less essential … Be confident! There’s not only attractant that trust. Maintain an elevated posture, head up and shoulders face back. Your body is what it is today, so you can only admit it, look ahead and be proud of what your mother gave you!

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