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It's time for the Olympics, the most essential sporting event on the planet, where the best athletes from each and every country compete in many different categories to achieve the greatest recognition, the most appreciated gold medals

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these games one of the disciplines we can talk about the most on the planet of fitness, given the points of connection with machinery that we generally use or can find in an ordinary gymnasium, is the paddle!



know if you will remember in the past Olympic Games in London, when Helen Glover and Heather Stanning, the English paddlers who received the gold in the women's category, tested an almost palpable emotion for this sport, provoking the belief that boggling is something simple, that the whole planet can do. But is it really like this? The whole planet is ready to spend time on top of a regular paddle in the gym or at home


Most people see the paddle as a thunderous object and it usually gets stuck when you use it, making its execution heavy and without much entertainment. Riding in a gym on an iron machine does not convey an emotion or a feeling similar to that felt by professional riders. More recently, our interest in paddles has changed, thanks to the new innovations of this machine, which have awakened in us a feeling that motivates us to give it a new chance

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about the new paddlesThe

introduction of water instead of air, is the key factor in the success of these paddles. The movement at the front of the machine via a water tank and propeller system causes a sound that gives you the feeling of being riding in a genuine river. What if, apart from the water, they incorporate the wood into it, so that it will just look like a boat? Yes, they are made of natural ash wood of sustainable origin (it can also be cherry or walnut wood but they are usually more expensive)


main difference between water oars and regular oars is that the training is done in a smoother way, so you feel that you have considerably more strength, since you have more resistance through the water wheel. Quite a few people think that pushing harder is pushing harder with your shoulders and arms, but water paddling specialists say it's all about the legs. So if you want to train harder and harder, push with your feet and legs

, according to

First Degree Fitness (official manufacturer) when you exercise with water oars, you train with eighty-four percent of your muscles. Using the proper technique, in just thirty minutes you will be able to train your legs and abs with maximum efficiency. Another advantage of these paddles is that you burn a high number of calories in a very short time, which makes them the best alternative to any other cardio machine at home or in the gym



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