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Paleo: it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle

Paleo: it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle
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Don’t start a diet that ends any day, starts a way of life that lasts forever?

With this prayer the book PALEO begins, It is not a diet, it is a way of life of Tomás Pulimentado Gallardo, who tells us everything necessary to be able to live a way of life completely apart from modern foodstuffs, he immerses us in the healthy life of the paleolithic seasons and his alimentary style. For those of you who have never heard of it, this PALEO ideology is based on the notion that unprocessed foodstuffs are healthier for our bodies.

In this book you will find yourself; myths that we live with day after day that can be seen from another perspective, you can be informed about those foods that are completely integrated into society but that are a risk for everyone, what you can eat and how you can cook it, these and considerably more curiosities that will bring you face to face a planet of the most interesting and healthy but very unknown to everyone.

One of the most important sections that you can use to move on to this way of life is to become aware of those foods that are absolutely integrated into our lives, that we are not aware of how harmful their consumption can be to our health.

The chapter MODERN POISONS: It notifies us that there are foodstuffs that are harmful because of their content in certain bioactive and anti-nutrient substances that contribute to and promote the appearance of diseases.

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Sugar: top of the list of these foods, we know that it is a partially modern food, with more or less two thousand six hundred years old, but there is no doubt that the Paleolithic man could find natural sugar, but they needed five days more or less to ingest exactly the same amount that a Coca-Cola contains. Sugar causes obesity and other diseases, it is comparable to drugs such as nicotine and morphine and should be considered as what it is – a poison that kills slowly – and it is not only the cause of obesity, but also the cause of death.

Speaking of foodstuffs, not all of them are harmful. In the section When, how and what to eat, you will find both the recipes of the Paleo diet, as well as the foodstuffs that you are going to have to eat and how to cook them, a fundamental fact. We show you a pyramid with the most essential routes of the groceries allowed.

In conclusion in our DNA we have marked our previous life as a hunter ? collector, therefore at present we are subjected to many external agents that are completely new and therefore these are the ones that cause us the inconveniences and diseases, since we are subjecting the body to a way of life that we are not genetically molded.

Therefore, you can achieve full health by introducing precise changes in praise, based on imitating the nutritional conditions and factors that we underwent in order to adapt to the paleolithic season.

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  • You must feed on animals and plants
  • You can’t eat too much of the groceries you’re eating today.
  • The importance of intermittent fasting
  • The need to move around every day, don’t be sedentary
  • Sun exposure has positive benefits, with caution
  • You must rest and find yourself

If you share all these points and feel like learning more, with the aim of moving to a related or healthier way of life in the future. We can only tell you:

Welcome to the PALEO community! We invite you to read the book that you can access from this link:

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