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Participates with direct vision in the career of women

Participates with direct vision in the career of women
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Participates with direct vision in the career of women

The Women’s Race is an event that is celebrated in virtually all Spanish cities with the aim of raising awareness in society about the fight against breast cancer and collaborate with different organizations to fight for different causes of solidarity. It is for this reason that, for one day, sport joins these causes and thousands and thousands of women run so that the money contributed to the race is used for research into different diseases and serves to curb certain scourges such as sexist violence and female genital mutilation, thus fighting for the defense of small children at risk of social exclusion.

Participates with direct vision in the career of women

How does Visión Direct cooperate in these careers?

The online store of replacement lenses Vision Direct joins the support in the fight against breast cancer and the various causes that are promoted in the Women’s Race, to assist in raising awareness in society about the need to be supportive and cooperate together, as they are inconveniences that affect us all. Visión Direct participates in the Women’s Race with a team of runners also committed to the cause in the race that will be celebrated in the city of Madrid. In the case of this race are required two running shoes and a team of clothing capable of practicing sport. In addition to this, if you are one of the runners who, in order to practice their sports routine, need to change their lenses for contact lenses, you should know that there are some tips you can follow:

Participates with direct vision in the career of women

  • You should replace your lenses with contact lenses, since it’s more likely that you’ll lose your lenses while running, since they can slip more easily or they can be damaged if you fall, apart from the fact that you can stick them in your face. The vision with the contact lenses is more extensive to be able to have a good vision while you practice any sport.
  • Many people use disposable contact lenses because they only use them for sports, although it is a better option to opt for silicone hydrogel lenses for running, while they are perfect under conditions of eye irritation, since the entire eye is better oxygenated. In Visión Direct there are different types of contact lenses for athletes, so you can ask about which are the best choice for the type of sport you do and your assiduity in the use of contact lenses and lenses.
  • In the event that the sports you practice require that you get wet or that you have contact with water, you will have to avoid wearing contact lenses or use waterproof lenses on them that do not allow a single drop of water into the eyes, since this will cause the lenses to move quickly and even lose, apart from causing enormous discomfort for the athlete.

In case you have never run a race or you do not have the habit of doing sports, you should know that this is the least important thing in the Women’s Race, since it is about participating for a good cause that can achieve great advances in research on breast cancer and stop many injustices. Although it is not too much to prepare a little earlier to face it with more ease: this way you will enjoy it more. If you want to start running and prosper your health habits from now on, go ahead! There is no better time to start than in the Women’s Race: train a few weeks before the distance that is run in your city and jump into the sport.

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