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Plan your 10-minute routine for days without a gym

Plan your 10-minute routine for days without a gym
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Have you lacked time to go to training today? Do you feel lazy going out and today you want to train at home? Are you travelling and can’t go to the gym?…. Stop worrying about the fact that you need very little to hold yourself in shape with some exercise. With this ten-minute routine for days without a gym, there’s no apology!

Plan your 10-minute routine for days without a gym

Ten minutes is a lot of time and, in this short period of time, you can establish an easy routine, which does not require a huge space for training or sports machines and accessories. If you exercise frequently and the day you don’t practice it looks like you’re missing something, have your express routine ready for the days without a gym.

6 exercises to train over ten minutes

Ideally, a ten-minute routine should include a variety of exercises with which you can combine cardio training with the work of large muscle groups: legs, arms and core. In this time you can, in addition to this, include alterations of rhythm and intensity between the different series you perform. Another option, if you’re in great physical shape, is to spend four of those ten minutes practicing the Tabata training method (eight exercises in high-intensity intervals of twenty seconds, plus ten seconds of rest between them).

Plan your 10-minute routine for days without a gym

Choose the option that suits you best without losing sight of your goals and plan your ten-minute home training routine by combining certain of the upcoming exercises:

Plan your 10-minute routine for days without a gym

  • Stepping. If you have a ladder, even a few steps, you can already devote a minute to do this aerobic exercise that will help you burn fat and strengthen your legs.
  • Knees to the chest. After resting for about thirty seconds from the previous exercise, you can continue with the cardio and make a series of jumps with lifting from knees to chest. If you find it too hard, lift one knee first and then the other without jumping.
  • Squats. two ? three series of six to eight repetitions are enough to work in depth the whole musculature, especially your buttocks. Do the squat with legs subtly separated and holding the log forward and back straight. Estimated time: between a minute and a half and 2.
  • Abdominals. Don’t forget to include them in your routine for the days without a gym if you want to hold at bay the fat that seems to be predilection to settle in the belly and hips. You have different kinds of abdominals and you are going to have to choose the one that demands the right effort. You can do them, for example, with the help of a chair, supporting the heels on the seat and raising the log and, if you want a more difficult one, try the abdominal cruch, lying on the floor face up with the knees bent and hands behind the nape of the neck, raise the log to 45 degrees.
  • Lunge. Work on the flexibility and power of your legs with this easy exercise which, as the name suggests, consists of moving one leg forward, flexing the knee while the other continues to stretch. You can do the strides with or without jump and take advantage to do “rebounds” that work quadriceps and abductors, especially those of the leg that you hold extended.
  • Arms. Don’t forget to include in your routine specific movements to strengthen the muscles of your arms, avoiding the appearance of the dreaded flaccidity. Make 1 or 2 series of extensions (chest opening to work also pectorals) and if you want to strengthen your biceps, finish with some curls with extra weight. Some books or a kilogram bulge (rice, pasta…) will fit you perfectly like dumbbells.

How to plan your ten-minute routine

To do your routine, choose a minimum of three and a maximum of five of the exercises we have proposed and distribute the free time (ten minutes). Calculate two ? three minutes to perform each of them (it will depend on the number of series and repetitions you perform) and do not forget that it is essential to rest between series and exercises.

If you haven’t been able to go to the gym and you have ten minutes, as you can see, you can carry out a training at home of the most complete thing that will make you stay in form and that you don’t have any remorse for having missed your session in the gym.

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