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When we think of the advantages of different forms of training, we rarely think of bar dancing as a viable alternative. This is a failure, Pole Dance is a sport that is very trendy thanks to its countless benefits to your health and your body, helping to advance the definition.

Although people still continue to see this dance genre as a huge way to embrace a bar and many associate it with striptease, those who practice it daily struggle to move it and transmit it to everyone who really is.

This sport, unknown to most people, combines multiple disciplines in a single one; it strengthens the whole body and exercises most of the muscles, it will also help you to correct your posture, coordination and flexibility, but truly if what you are looking for is the loss of fat, this is your sport!

In addition to being an exercise that girls are practically the ones who resolve to do, we have to say that being so complete, men can also practice it and besides this they should practice it in order to benefit from each and every one of the benefits:

Burn calories quickly

With this sport, your muscles will always and under all circumstances be in motion because it is both isometric and cardiovascular exercise, you will lose almost twice as many calories as you can burn in a normal cardio session.

Build self-confidence

Once you have the basic knowledge and your strong muscles you will begin to thrive in your postures and feel better, thus improving your self-image.

Less stress

One of the greatest benefits of this dance plurality is related to your physical and sensitive health. A session will help you to release all the adrenaline derived from the stress, so your body will start to generate endorphins (hormone associated with joy) and you will feel happier and more relaxed.


In any training if you don't see any kind of progress, you automatically tend to get tired and lose motivation, but with Pole Dance you will increase your skills and endurance quickly and you will feel motivated to continue working hard.


As you gain flexibility, you will have fewer problems such as back pain, neck stiffness and muscle pain, and you will reduce the risk of sprains.

Good for the heart and blood flow

The practice of this exercise is as good as any other form of moderate or intense aerobic training, as each and every muscle is in motion and promotes blood flow.

Kinesthetic balance and awareness

Kinesthetic consciousness is the ability of your brain to calculate where your body is in three-dimensional space in relation to other objects around it. When you start to speed up this part you will get less chance of injury in the long run. Combined with a good balance this ability will allow you to avoid accidents such as slips, falls and blows.

Benefit in pregnancy and childbirth

The dance develops the strength of the abdominals and muscles which helps to minimize back pain throughout the pregnancy and to have a smoother and less painful delivery.

Make sleeping easier

Rest is essential for a healthy body, as well as exercise and proper eating. Unfortunately not many of us get enough sleep and most of the time it is simply because we can't sleep. Regular exercise in conjunction with stretching from the bar dance will ensure a good night's sleep.

The benefits are not limited to developing a strong body, as you've been able to read it helps to progress mental and sensitive health, prevent injuries and increase mobility so you should clearly give it a try.

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