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Post-training lunch

Post-training lunch
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Many people train well, but at the time of feeding do not do it in the proper way, and as you really know, to gain muscle is as essential training, diet as rest.

Post-training lunch

Without one of these 3 basic factors we will not really exploit our potential and the most likely is that we do not evolve or do very slowly, although in addition to these 3 factors there are many others, but of lesser relevance, since these are the basic pillars of muscle building.

Today we are going to focus on the relevance of the food article training, each and every meal is essential, but probably, one of the most essential and of utmost importance is that of immediately after training, and if possible, there better be a minimum of 2 meals and before going to sleep.

I suppose that to many of you, that you train hard is going to happen to you as to me, that immediately after training you eat and you are satiated so to speak, but soon after eating the food article I train, more or less at the hour and a half or in this way you return to have appetite, with what, if we train from night to night at the last hour and we have dinner afterwards and we only sleep for dinner, our body is going to catabolize practically safely at night as long as many hours pass from the last meal right after the training to the next one that is going to be the breakfast.

During the training an enormous loss of energy is generated where we destroy the glycogen to turn it into this and the destruction of proteins, hence a post training blog meal should be composed not only of proteins as many probably do, but should be rich in carbohydrates, both simple and complex, both immediate assimilation and prolonged release proteins and fats.

The best thing is that it is a varied food, where we put nutrients of all kinds. We will have a meal immediately after training, never letting more than half an hour pass after training because that is when our body is more receptive and will suck everything we put in, with this I do not want to say that you eat an ox.

Next here I’m going to put a case of food article complete training, with carbohydrates of high glycemic index, low glycemic index, proteins of rapid assimilation and sustained release. Remember that it is a question of recovering the organism as soon as possible from the care, with which hydration will also be fundamental since with sweat we have lost many salts, hence the importance of the food being varied in order to provide us with the necessary nutrients for the repair of muscle tissue.

This is just a case, there are many good food for after training, but here I will put a meal of which I suggest you.

Post-training lunch

Whey protein shake, just finish training.

When fifteen minutes or so pass, the following:

150gr of coloured paste, with a spoon of olive oil. It is a very good factor after training because it gives us in addition to the energy of the pasta the nutrients of vegetables and protein. Normally, the colored pasta is usually spinach, as is the example of macaroni or spaguetti market or rooster.

-three nuts.

1 Banana.

Three-and-a-half egg yolk tortilla with seventy-five gr of turkey taquitos.

1 low-fat yogurt.

Post-training lunch

With this meal, we leave to ensure that our body receives enough nutrients to continue to thrive and recover in this way at the earliest possible time.

After about 2 and a half hours after the food blog post training it will be essential to continue repairing the damage caused through training with another food, in such a case, not so overflowing, also depending on each of them and their each day.

To many it will seem a lot to you, to a few others, but it is a wise meal, despite there are many possible combinations. It will also influence if we train in the afternoon or in the morning, and of the activities that we will develop later, also if we are in volume or in definition.

I hope you liked it and you find it useful above all, if you have any doubt or you want to expose any case particularly just say so and I will advise you.

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