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Practising sex and sport: better combo than you can imagine

Practising sex and sport: better combo than you can imagine
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Muhammad Ali always and at all times abstained already before hitting in the ring. Even Plato said the Olympians should avoid sex before they compete. But science suggests that doing the act will not rob you of energy or be a distraction along the way. In truth, a climax can assist in fighting muscle aches in women, while an increase in testosterone may even assist in developing strength and muscle in men (in what way if the act itself were no compelling reason to take part).

Practising sex and sport: better combo than you can imagine

Toning with testosterone. For what reason?

Stay calm, make love the night before a sporting event, surely will not cause you a disadvantage. However, some abstinent athletes believe that being sexually frustrated enhances aggressiveness in the field, or that testosterone, which can strengthen muscles, runs out when players ejaculate. But let’s go back to bed: an analysis of sport and studies on sex affirm the opposite! In 4 independent studies verifying strength, aerobic power, and VO2 max, neither abstinence nor the most sexually active athletes appeared to have an advantage, suggesting that sex does not stand in the way of sport. There are also shortcomings in the studies. The physiological effects studied only looked at how sex affects strenuous activities, so perhaps golfers or Pro Bowl players would not experience exactly the same results. The sixth does not seem to alter the mental game or, at least for men. In one investigation, scholars gave the two endurance and weight athletes lifters a series of concentration and athletic tests after intercourse and found that having intimate relationships beforehand did not interfere with concentration. The study also found that having intimate relationships within 2 hours of the test made subjects less attentive.

Sensual Muscles Debate

The myth that having sex at bedtime and before a competition can hurt performance is just that, a myth. And the good news is: research suggests that having intimate relationships increases testosterone production in men, which could give boys an athletic edge. Research found that testosterone (a hormone released along the climax) assisted in strengthening muscles and strengthening leg strength”but subjects had an increase in testosterone with supplements, not engaging in sexual intercourse. Still in this way, other scholars have found that having intimate relationships increases testosterone in large amounts, so why not try it? It doesn’t hurt to try.

Practising sex and sport: better combo than you can imagine

And don’t leave out the women, who can have the huge advantage. Scientists discovered that a female climax could stop the release of a particular pain transmitter over a maximum of twenty-four hours, so they can assist in calming muscle pain or discomfort (who needs ice?!). When it comes to the psychological effects of sex and the way in which it might assist in progressing or breaking sports performance, research is deficient. You may simply reduce yourself to one person: If pre-race nerves make you lose sleep and have a bad night, sex can be a relaxing distraction. But if when you’re having sex you’re awake all night, then wait to celebrate after the game.

The opinion of the experts

There go the thoughts on the subject of certain specialists. Here’s what they had to say. Dan Trink: As long as science does not support the myth of “not having intimate relationships before the big game,” there is one factor that will triumph over all others when it comes to an athlete’s performance, his attitude. If the athlete believes that sex has a negative effect on his or her game, he or she will undoubtedly do so. Just as if the athlete believes that tying his shoes 3 times while standing on a bench wearing his favorite blue socks will improve his game, so will he. Ultimately, it’s the brain, not the groin, that’s the most important factor. Ian Kerner: “One of the reasons why many athletes abstain from intimate relationships the night before is not because of their own sex, but rather because of everything that goes on around them: parties, dancing, eating, drinking. There is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy and comfortable sex, but you must make sure you get a good night’s sleep afterwards. Gradually more studies point to the health benefits of sex. People who have a healthy sex life end up having more confidence and self-esteem and doing a better job.

Practising sex and sport: better combo than you can imagine

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