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Pregorexia, the terror of gaining weight in pregnancy

Pregorexia, the terror of gaining weight in pregnancy
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Pregorexia is an eating disorder in pregnant women, we talk about an obsessive fear of gaining weight that can put the life of both the mother and the embryo at risk. Today social networks overwhelm us with wonderful acquaintances in their advanced pregnancies that follow strict diets and also intense training routines, but to what extent are you willing to put your health and that of your baby at risk?

Pregorexia, the terror of gaining weight in pregnancy

The term ?pregorexia? is not typified as such in the Manual of Mental Disorders, it has been coined this way by society but it is an absolutely real inconvenience. It comes from the combination of the terms Pregnancy and Anorexia, and can also be called Pregnancy Anorexia.

What happens if we have this disorder?

The lack of nutrients affects the placenta and development of the embryo and can lead to inconveniences such as:

Low birth weight.

Premature births.

Spontaneous abortions.


Intrauterine Developmental Delay

Cerebral palsy.

Tendency to have a lower intellectual level, etc.

Pregorexia, the terror of gaining weight in pregnancy

Spina bifida, etc.

But the inconveniences are not only for the little one, since the mother can suffer:



Lack of calcium in the bones.

Hormonal disturbances.

Hair loss, etc.

How can we recognize him?

A woman who has pregorexia, like other eating disorders, doesn’t usually recognize it, so family and friends play an essential role in helping her cope. We must notice that he eats smaller amounts, shows rejection for his body and pregnancy, exercises too much, refuses to see the belly grow, shows excessive fatigue, try to eat alone or skip meals, can even provoke vomiting. Particular caution should be exercised with women who have previously suffered from disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.

The first months of gestation we can confuse certain of these symptoms with those of pregnancy, nausea, vomiting or loss of hunger, hence it is uniquely essential care and observation by the family.

Pregorexia, the terror of gaining weight in pregnancy

What to do?

The U.S. Institute of Medicine advises that a woman becomes pregnant when part of her unbeatable weight can gain between eleven and 16kg in a healthy way through balanced nutrition and exercise. A woman athlete already before her pregnancy there is no doubt that she can continue doing exercise with more intensity than one who previously led a sedentary life, however this exercise and diet can not be oriented to lose weight, but rather to stay healthy.

During pregnancy you should not eat for 2, as I tell you in another one of my articles about pregnancy. It is necessary to gain weight correctly and healthy so that once we give birth it is not necessary a deadly diet to recover the figure.

There are many faults and myths surrounding the food recommendations of pregnant women, here you will find a series of explanations that every future mother should know.

Keep in mind that women with pregorexia do a lot of sports because of their obsession with the body, so their calorific and water needs would be even greater.

Above all, remember that pregnancy is a singularly fragile moment where the priority of any mother is the well-being of her baby and not the obsession with our image. If you have a celebrity who may suffer from this disorder the first thing you should do is go to the family doctor who will refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist who can treat the disorder in depth.

Don’t be influenced by the current social pressure on aesthetic patterns and the excessive exposure and access we have to publications and advertisements about ‘a perfect body’.

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