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Many runners may even meditate that the basis of their training is essentially developed simply by running. But the truth is that we can prepare ourselves much better with training in the gym, if we do specific bodybuilding exercises for runners. These trainings are customary on days when you don't go for a run, although they are not exclusive. Certain strength exercises are the backbone of good training to thrive on endurance.

If you want to design a cross-training for runners and combine bodybuilding exercises with running, don't hesitate to read on and we'll show you all the possibilities!

4 easy strength trainings for runners

When planning your runner training, it should include general strengthening phases, such as strengthening specific areas that work throughout the race, slope training and explosive work. The purpose always and at all times will be to maximize our physical condition to run more and better.

Mixing and combining these specific exercises for gym runners will not only help you prevent injuries, it will also develop the strength, agility and explosiveness you need to conquer your challenges.

1. Tables

It's one of the best abdominal exercises for runners. Lean on your elbows with your feet slightly apart. Keep your whole body in line with your back. Bring all the tension to your abdominal muscles by making sure your shoulders are directly above your elbows. They should face down and back, not curved upside down.

Hold this situation from 45 seconds to one minute. Gradually, time will be added as the abdomen strengthens.

  • Modifications: Plate alterations include: side plates for oblique working, single-leg plates, spider plates, mountain climber plates, and supine plates.
  • Repetitions: three to 5
  • Worked muscles: abdomen, core, lower back, shoulders

2. Russian Turn

If you want to do this runner strength exercise, lie on your back with your upper legs perpendicular to the ground and your knees bent 90 degrees. Without changing the curvature of the hips or knees, lower your legs to the left side of your body while holding your shoulders in contact with the ground. Lift them up to the starting position and repeat the operation on the right side of the body. That's a reiteration.

  • Modification: To make it more difficult, you can hold your legs straight.
  • Repetitions: ten to 12
  • Muscles worked: core

3. The Scorpion

Stand on your stomach with your arms in front of you, with your hips resting on your side and your feet facing back. Raise your right knee facing your left shoulder while turning your hips face up and face your left as much as you can.

Then reverse the directions, turning your hips face up and face right, trying to touch the back of your left shoulder with your right foot (you won't be able to). That's a reiteration. Continue for thirty seconds with your right leg and then change legs.

  • Modifications: To make it simpler, perform the initial step of the exercise by turning in one direction. To make it harder enough, you can do the exercise with your pimples on a ball of stability.
  • Repetitions: As many as you can in 30 seconds.
  • Muscles worked: shoulders, core, oblique

4. Back Extensions

For this training in the perfect gymnasium runners, we are going to have to put ourselves upside down on a ball of stability, with our feet open to hold the balance. The elbows should be bent with the hands subtly touching the ground for initial support.

Squeeze your buttocks and raise your torso until your body forms a straight line. When lifting your torso, let your hands rise off the floor, holding your elbows bent. Extend your arms above your head and keep them in this position for one or two seconds. Release the arms and then the torso to the starting position. That's a reiteration. Ten to 12 should be done.

If you don't have a stability ball, you can also make the movement on a mat. In such a case you must lift your thighs and arms off the floor while your torso remains in contact with the floor.

  • Modifications: To make it more difficult, you can keep light dumbbells in your hands.
  • Repetitions: ten to 12
  • Muscles worked: lower back, buttocks, middle back, shoulders

Remember to do stretches to recover muscles and avoid possible discomfort after training.

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