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Prepare your training plan to go running in the morning

Prepare your training plan to go running in the morning
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Training regularly is one of the keys to achieving all the advantages of running and, to do it at the first hour, is a great option to start the day full of energy. If you don’t want laziness to be able to cope with your desire to practice sports, prepare your training plan and go for a run every morning, just as we have proposed now.

Setting your morning training routine ahead of time will make it easier for you to get going and make running the best way to start your day. This training plan for tomorrow includes different variables that must be perfectly controlled, from the path that you will continue in the race, to the breakfast that you will have before and/or after the exercise.

How to plan the morning race

In order to enjoy all the advantages of running in the morning, you will need to design your training plan. This way, preparing your training plan for running in the morning is easy, you only have to take into consideration certain essential aspects that will help you do it:

  • Planning begins the night before. If you’re going to run in the first hour, you need a good rest. A minimum of seven-eight hours of sleep is essential for morning training. Dinner is also essential. Don’t go to bed on an empty stomach if you wake up to exercise. A balanced dinner, combining protein and carbohydrates (without overdoing it), is essential for your body to wake up with enough energy.
  • Get your gear ready the day before. Keeping your running shoes and clothing ready according to the weather conditions should be a frequent part of your routine. If you’re running while the sun is still up, remember to include some reflective clothing. If you have everything ready, it’s going to be harder enough to locate apologies for not training.
  • Calculate the time you need to be ready for the morning race. Each person needs a minimum period of adaptation to move from deep sleep to putting on your shoes and going for a run. Calculate it (wake up, have breakfast, get yourself cleaned up?) to avoid being overwhelmed and really enjoy running in the morning without meditating that you are late for work.
  • Plan your path in detail. It’s another one of the tips for running in the morning and the key to any morning running training plan. Determine where you will run (internet and any application will point you to the possible path), bearing in mind the time it will take you to make the journey and the degree of intensity involved.
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Customize your plan to run every morning

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Your career plan should be tailored to your physical condition and your goals (losing weight, gaining speed, running, endurance, etc.) but, generally, in morning training it should be smooth and also include the following steps:

1. Previous heating. Always and at all times it is essential, but if you run in the first hour, it is even more so. Your muscles are completely at rest throughout the rest hours and require minimal preparation even before you start working hard while running. Gentle stretching, ankle and arm twists, knee lifts? you can’t miss the first five minutes of your workout.

2. It sets a minimum stroke time ? maximum and distributes different effort intensities within it. It’s the most essential thing when planning your morning training. To give you an example, certain options for planning a 30-minute morning race could be:

  • 2 minutes walking + 3 minutes soft run + 1 minute rest (5 times).
  • 2 minutes walking + 2 minutes jogging + 1 minute high intensity interval + 1 minute rest (five times).
  • 5 minutes of light walking + 5 minutes of soft running + 4 minutes of medium pace ? high + 1 of rest (twice).

These are just some of the routines you can put into practice, although you must insist that the training plan must always and under all circumstances be adapted.

three. Final stretching. As you’ve warmed up before you start the race, include stretches in your plan, such as the precise time to restore your body to its normal rhythm and let you face the new day in the best possible way. In addition to this, there are a number of basic stretches to activate the body in the morning and prepare it for training.

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