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Pros and cons of vibration training

Pros and cons of vibration training
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Regular exercise can be very demanding for many people. Less belligerent for the body is the vibration training, which walks in a very simple and practical. A person, whether standing or sitting, on a machine with a vibrating platform, will achieve that the muscles contract and relax, with a result very similar to that provided by any physical work.

Pros and cons of vibration training

Before starting a training on vibrated platforms, it is necessary to have the advice of a monitor or personal trainer to do a small training that will let you know which are the most convenient exercises and postures to avoid injuries and incidents.

In this apparatus mechanical vibrations are produced in the base that are going to be propagated throughout the body, from the feet to the head, and in unison makes the muscles react to contract when it tries to compensate for the oscillations produced by the vibrating machine. Vibration training is used primarily for the purpose of developing strength and flexibility by increasing the gravitational load of the muscular system.

Benefits of Vibro platforms for athletes

To better understand the operation of these devices, we now specify the advantages of vibration training:

Pros and cons of vibration training

Ideal for people with little time

It is designed for athletes who do not have enough time to exercise. Half an hour of training on the platform is equivalent to an hour and a half of usual training.

High intensity training

After multiple training sessions with the vibrating platform, the muscles contract by up to ninety-seven percent, which means that most of the fibers of the different muscle groups will remain active.

Activation of blood circulation

As with running, the muscle receives blood very often per second with vibration platform training. In this way the smaller vessels are fed while the remains are removed more quickly. This will involve a faster regeneration with the next improvement of circulatory inconveniences.

Increased mobility

It generates a release of reserves of elasticity, relieving muscle contractions and any discomfort.

Pros and cons of vibration training

Fat burning

Another advantage of vibration training is that you will lose weight more easily. This is possible because the metabolism reaches a higher level, favoring the combustion of fats and also increasing the basal metabolism. In addition to this, massage exercises also succeed in stimulating blood circulation, thus avoiding fat accumulations.

Other advantages of training on a vibrating platform are: they help strengthen muscles, lose weight, gain endurance, increase flexibility, prevent cellulite and promote muscle and joint mobility, always and at all times with less risk of injury.

Inconveniences of vibrating platforms for athletes

As for the disadvantages of vibration training are the following factors:

Requires advice

It is necessary to have the approval of a doctor and to continue the advice of a trainer or monitor with knowledge in this type of training.

To be avoided in specific cases

  • It must be at least two months from the moment you give birth. It is also not recommended for pregnant women.
  • It is not recommended for people with muscular and bone discomfort, migraines, lumbago, vascular diseases such as advanced varicose veins and cardiovasculres.
  • It is also not a good option for people with tumors, for fear of expansion, with pacemakers, when there are options to deprogram or patients at risk of thrombosis.
  • Accelerates retinal detachment, not suitable for short-sighted people.

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