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Protein substitute shakes: I’ll take vita energy!

Protein substitute shakes: I’ll take vita energy!
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On this occasion, we solved some doubts about weight loss through protein shakes. For this we will use the example of the company Día Vita and its products Vita Energy. To begin, we are going to explain you multiple essential facts about the role that proteins play at the moment of losing weight.

Protein substitute shakes: I'll take vita energy!

Using proteins conveniently throughout the weight loss process provides:

  • A durable feeling of satiety
  • The acceleration of metabolic processes
  • Weight loss is not due to muscles and water, but rather to fat storage.

Unfortunately, it is common to find diets with a lack of protein. Frequently, even people who claim to follow a balanced diet have chronically low levels of protein in their nutrition. Nowadays, in a general way, the most frequent setbacks at the moment of losing weight is the impossibility of satiating your appetite and this is where these proteins come into play.

The basic principle of using shakes is to replace one or two frequent meals, which, according to the plan, should lead to a reduction in heat intake of the total diet, but without the quality of food worsens. Quite the opposite: get better!

Diavita’s protein shake is probably the most popular weight loss product. Quite a few people offer to buy it and some try it. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients:

Protein substitute shakes: I'll take vita energy!

Nutritional value per serving:

  • Proteins ? fifteen grams
  • Fat? 0.5 grams
  • Carbohydrates ? seventy-nine grams

The calorific content of each portion of this shake, prepared with two hundred and fifty ml of milk (fifteen percent fat) is one hundred and thirty kcal. The feeling of satiety after taking it lasts between four and five hours. The primary source of protein is soy, but apart from protein, this shake contains fiber, a complex of vitamins, minerals and coconut oil.

What we like:

  • Pleasant flavors
  • Prepares quickly and anywhere
  • Provides a long feeling of satiety

Slimming with Vita Energy

Let’s make an assessment to try to understand if protein shakes help you lose weight. For this we base ourselves on a real fact:

Protein substitute shakes: I'll take vita energy!

One client tells us that when she reached the weight of eighty-six kilograms, she tried exasperatingly to lose weight. He began to take Vita Energy shakes, and by the month of using them he had already seen the results, specifically he had lost nine kilograms. Your distributor advised you to replace breakfasts and dinners with these smoothies, making the rest of normal meals.

At first, she thought she might have an appetite, but when she did, she felt fed up all day long. In order to diversify the breakfasts and dinners, each and every one of Vita Energy’s flavors was acquired. The drinks are moderately sweet, so I didn’t get fatigued. Day after day they were taken with pleasure and, surprisingly, I didn’t feel like taking any other product.

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