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It is one of the treasures of the Mediterranean diet that not only helps to take care of us and keep us healthy, but can also help to improve our sporting efficiency. Knowing its advantageous properties and knowing how it works in the body is enough to ensure that olive oil cannot be missing in the diet of an athlete.

When buying olive oil it is convenient to know the different varieties available to you to select the flavor and aroma that you like best: mild, intense, with more bitterness, slightly spicy or fruity? the choice is a matter of taste and depends largely on the type of olive from which each oil is extracted. Picual, Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Mora? are only certain varieties of olives that are chosen to obtain our "liquid gold". In addition to this, depending on the extraction and treatment process you have different kinds of oils, from the extra virgin olive -pure olive juice, the result of the first cold extraction in order to preserve its aroma and flavor-, to the virgin olive, also great but with a slightly higher acidity and with other different organoleptic peculiarities, without forgetting the refined olive oil, one of the most used in homes.

Properties of olive oil

Olive oil is a healthy foodstuff whose good properties are recognized by doctors and dieticians. In its composition, the monounsaturated fatty acids stand out, such as oleic acid, considered one of the"good" fats that must be included in the diet. Among the main benefits of olive oil are the following:

  • Oleic acid helps to keep cholesterol at the right levels by reducing the presence of"bad" LDL. The immediate consequence is an improvement in blood circulation and a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Olive oil is a powerful antioxidant due to its high content of polyphenols and fat-soluble vitamin E. Its presence in the diet slows down the action of free radicals, preventing premature deterioration and aging of cells.
  • Like any other"fat", it gives energy and vitality to the body and also acts as an effective protector of the stomach walls.

Why include olive oil in an athlete's diet?

There are plenty of reasons why olive oil should become a part of anyone's nutrition, but in the case of an athlete, the generic health benefits of this oil must be incorporated into its good properties when it comes to promoting a healthy sporting activity.

Salads, stews, tasty vinaigrettes to accompany lean meats, fish or a good toast of wholemeal bread and turkey breast? having olive oil as a base for the different dressings is an exquisite way to feed yourself, take care of yourself and have a great ally when practicing any sport, while you can improve your performance and help us to overcome our own brands.

Olive oil helps to support the circulatory system and the heart in good condition, something essential for the safe practice of any aerobic activity: running, swimming, cycling, fitness in the gym?

On the other hand, if you are a strength trainer, oil can promote muscle restoration by contributing to the good condition and development of the muscles, as it is involved in the process of synthesis of hormones as essential as testosterone.

With its antioxidant action, olive oil, in addition to this, slows down oxidative stress and the harmful action of free radicals produced by any intense physical activity.

For all these reasons, no doubt: if you do sports frequently, including olive oil in your diet will only bring you benefits.

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