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Today we leave you with a routine model of hypertrophy for the leg day. It is obvious that each of them will have their training and distribution during the week of the different muscle sets, but if you are one of those who likes to train one muscle set a day, this is your routine for the leg day. All you have to do is try it.

We are going to work with a system called pre-fatigue, which consists of tiring a muscle group through an exercise of isolation (methodical) to then perform another exercise of the same muscle group with a more global character as it will be in our case, although it is also used on the other hand to remove through a previous fatigue the so-called weak link, that is, avoid that by fatigue of a more weak muscle group we can not impact on another stronger group more than depends on the first to lift the weight. One case would be in the case of doing a press-bench, where we would first tire the triceps by doing a triceps isolation exercise, and then we would move on to do the press-bench, to make sure that our triceps participate less by being more tired and thus give priority to the pectoral.

In this way, we can use the pre-fatigue series in these two previous situations, even though today we will choose the first option, by first carrying out a methodical exercise of the primordial muscle involved in the second exercise of a more global nature.

As you can see below, in the routine there is no exercise for twins, but it doesn't mean that we don't work on them during the week, but simply, doing a routine of this kind for the leg is tiring enough to put a twin as well, so we leave the twin to put it together on another day of the week. And you will be aware of this at the end of the training, because if you train hard with correction you will not be left wanting to do it alone, and if it is in this way or if you are really strong or if you have not done it with the appropriate intensity, so you have to repeat it another day.

Remember that even before we really start working, we must warm up and do a series of"weightless" tests, so to speak, to take the gesture and prepare our muscles and joints.

That is to say, in the first exercise you should start with the quadriceps extensions, twelve times, when we finish them, without resting, we go on to do the squats, that we will have another twelve times and at the end of the series we rest for the time indicated and we move on to the next series. So we should leave the weight on now and be ready not to waste time.

The training should last about forty-five minutes or so.

The squats, for people who do not even master this gesture very much, we can do them in multipower, since it is simpler to do the exercise with the guides, although in time we will try to do them with the free weight that is the ideal way.

As for the femoral curl, we can find multiple frames in the gymnasium that can be used to isolate the femoral, we can use any of them, whether sitting or lying face down.

And finally the press, which can be either tilted or parallel, I like the tilted one.

That's all, now it's time to try it and I hope that it will serve many of you and give you as good a feeling as it gives me, and of course it will help you to achieve the results.

It is clear that it is not a routine to continue each and every day, like any other, but rather to break with that monotonous routine that we very often get used to continuing.

Do not hesitate to consult any doubt, comment and if you dare to try it, comment on those sensations that you have had throughout the training.

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