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Run without leaving the site: is it effective?

Run without leaving the site: is it effective?
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We all agree that running is very effective for losing weight and being fit, for better cardiovascular health and, in short, for a better physical condition. However, there is one thing that we do not agree with, and that is that if running without moving from the site is effective in losing fat, developing muscle and progressing health, or it is not.

Run without leaving the site: is it effective?

What are the advantages of running in place?

To run without moving from the place, as its name indicates, consists of carrying out the movement of legs and knees as if we were going to run, but without carrying out a displacement, that is to say, in a static way. Quite a few people think that if we don’t move, we’re not going to burn fat. More… Is that true? Is it really effective? Discover each and every one of the benefits of running in place and solve your doubts below:

1. Helps burn calories

In the first place, running without moving from the place is very effective for scorching calories. This is simple to understand, as we will need energy to move these muscles when we are doing muscle movements and when we are doing our best.

As you know, the way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume, so if you run in place for about thirty minutes, you can burn a significant amount of calories, which will help you lose weight.

2. Strengthens and tones muscles

Running from the spot is better than running in the street if we talk about muscle development. When we run on a belt or in the street, when we move, we can use inertia to move with less effort, whenever we have a technique of running.

Run without leaving the site: is it effective?

On the other hand, if we run in the place, because there is no displacement, there is no inertia, so the muscles should be used more than in a continuous race. This way, if we talk about muscle toning, it’s better to run in place than to run outside. In addition to this, here we can lift the knees and heels with greater simplicity, so as to work in different areas of the body.

3. Improves cardiovascular health

Just like running on the street, running in place is good for the heart, by doing a medium intensity cardiovascular workout, we will be able to achieve exactly the same benefits for the heart as with traditional cardiovascular exercise.

In this way, even if we don’t leave home, we can jog half an hour at home and achieve in this way, prevent heart disease, increase our endurance and in addition to this, our lung capacity.

Run without leaving the site: is it effective?

4. Reduces the danger of injury

When we go out to run, we often do it in steep and unstable terrain, choosing good footwear, having a good technique for running and watching where we step. If we do not do this, we could suffer a bad footfall and therefore, a serious injury that can leave us without practicing sport for a long time.

On the other hand, when we run in the place, we will not be in danger of stepping badly and falling, since by not moving from the place, it is considerably simpler to maintain control and balance. In addition to this, you won’t need to choose a single shoe to run, so it’s going to be cheaper for you.

5. Let yourself exercise comfortably

Finally, the comfort of running in place can make you give it a chance. When we go out to run, we have to prepare the equipment, and go out even when it rains. Either that, or start going to the gym to run on the treadmill, something that will often give us vagrancy.

On the other hand, running on site can be done without moving from home, even now. As long as you don’t bother the neighbours, you will be able to run for thirty minutes in the place, whether it is sunny, rainy or snow, thus being able to carry out a cardiovascular exercise that is advantageous for your health and for your muscles.

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