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Running in the heat: 8 keys and tips for running this summer

Running in the heat: 8 keys and tips for running this summer
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Sport is essential to maintain a good physical condition. However, running in summer is considerably harder than running throughout the rest of the year. For this reason, it is essential to take a series of precautions to avoid setbacks. Continue reading if you want to sustain your sports routine throughout the summer and be able to run with heat.

Running in the heat: 8 keys and tips for running this summer

8 tips for running in heat

Avoid the central hours of the day

I’m sure you’ve heard it frequently before, but the central hours of the day are not a good time to practice sports in the heat. The best time to run in summer is shortly after sunrise or a little before sunset. Naturally, avoid going out for sports between 12 noon and 8 pm.

In any case, try to look for a shaded path, as it will be more pleasant and cooler for you.

Water and yerba mate, your best allies

Running close to the water or over the yerba does that, normally, you do not experience so much heat. Precisely because of this, the maritime road, a road to the edge of a river or a lake or even a park are great choices.

In addition, the yerba mate cushions the impact when running, making it also a very good surface.

Take shelter from the sun

If you want to run in summer, it’s essential to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Therefore, you should use sunscreen both on your face and on any part of your body that is noticeable.

We also recommend that you wear a hat and don’t forget your sunglasses either. Remember that UV rays can also damage your visual health.

Choose carefully your clothes to run in summer

Comfortable and convenient clothing is essential if you want to go running in summer. Avoid dark colours, while above all black increases the feeling of warmth, and opt for light shades. Don’t use lycra garments either, as this fabric can give you a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Running in the heat: 8 keys and tips for running this summer

On the other hand, we must discourage the use of suspenders. You may be tempted to use them to feel cooler, but it’s simple to burn your shoulders if you don’t cover them.

Use Vaseline

You might not have thought about it, but chafing is more frequent with sweating. If you want to avoid them, put Vaseline on which areas such as the armpits and thighs. In the case of men, they can also use Vaseline on the nipples, apart from putting a plaster over it.

For your feet, a pair of breathable, wrinkle-free socks will suffice.

Hydration is key

Of course, we should mention hydration if we’re talking about hot running tips. Drinking water always and in all circumstances is important, especially in summer.

Drink half to one litre per hour and always carry water with you in all circumstances. You can carry a bottle, but if this is not totally comfortable, you have alternative options such as backpacks or hydration belts.

On the other hand, you will also lose mineral salts, so it is highly recommended that you take an isotonic drink.

Look at the heat index.

This is the combination between temperature and humidity and it is a fact that you have to take into consideration when deciding when to run. Keep in mind that it is more difficult for your body to cool itself through sweat when the air is very humid. That’s why you shouldn’t neglect the humidity level when running in summer.

Running in the heat: 8 keys and tips for running this summer

Don’t demand so much.

It is essential that you remember that running with heat is more demanding than running with lower temperatures. This means that you will have to do considerably more to achieve exactly the same results. For this reason, it is essential that you slow down and demand less over the summer. You can also lower the intensity of the warm-up according to what you are going to run.

On the other hand, notice any sign of your body and listen to it. This is essential to avoid heat strokes that could have negative consequences for your health.

Running in summer has numerous advantages such as free sun hours and the fat-soluble vitamin D given by the sun’s rays. You also go into the heat earlier, making it more difficult for you to suffer injuries, and the performance is higher. The latter is due to the fact that more coloured blood cells must work to transport more oxygen, which increases physical resistance.

As you can see, the advantages are remarkable, but running with heat is also more demanding and increases the danger of dehydration and cramps. Therefore, there are certain considerations that always and in all circumstances you must take into consideration if you want your summer exercise to be efficient and free of dangers.

At feelforfit we invite you to keep these tips in mind if you want to make running during the summer season a pleasure.

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